Weekly Freakly Weekly makes a surprise return!

Earlier today, a mysterious graphic popped up all over the social mediasphere urging juggalos to check out the Psychopathic YouTube at 6PM EST, and here are the details from our very own Shoeless:

After a long 5+ year hiatus, the weekly freakly weekly is back! With a vengeance! Dropping the knowledge on us the not only is Furious Fred Fury dropping on 2/15/19, but also that it’ll be 17 tracks. Let’s not forget about Flip the Rat, set to be 12 amazing tracks! Also on the docket is a contest for a chance to be featured on ICP’s media outlets. As well as a chance to get free swag if you’re lucky enough to find the golden filter at select shows. Also in full effect on social media and in the streets the Psychopathic Soldiers Street Team! Not to mention the release parties for #FFF… 1500 of them to be exact. Not to mention Juggalo day Weekend in a little bit more than a week! It’s gonna be epic y’all! MCL

Get on over and check it out for yourself!!

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