We’re Assembling The Ultimate Street Team! Are You Tough Enough?

We’re Assembling The Ultimate Street Team! Are You Tough Enough?

Are you a ‘Lo or ‘Lette who is dedicated to the Hatchet and spreading the message of the Dark Carnival? We are looking to create the ultimate street team in the history of Psychopathic Records … and only the best-of-the-best and elite Juggalos will be admitted into its ranks.

To join this special task force you must be willing to put in hard work, dedication, and passion … and be able to prove to us that you get results. There is no room on this team for slackers, poseurs, pussies, or lazy asses. We are only looking for true Juggalo soldiers who are truly Down With the Clown Until They’re Dead In the Ground.

As a member of the official Street Team, you will be expected to take part in hardcore, grass roots-level promotion for Psychopathic Records. You will be part of the official promotional arm of this label and this is not something to take lightly. You will be given assignments ranging from passing out thousands of fliers, hanging hundreds of posters in prominent areas, promoting and sharing on social media channels … and more. You also will be required to submit photographs documenting your accomplishments of every ninja mission you are assigned. And we expect results! Build a public display. Paint a mural. Blanket a city wall with posters. And so on. The point of this is to build the most on-point and professional street team to ever be assembled by a music label. If you can’t put in the hours, the dedication, and the work…you are NOT what we are looking for, so don’t waste our times. Or yours.

Only 250 members of the Street Team will be selected.

Think you got what it takes? Then submit the following:

  • Send us a photo of yourself along with documented ways (that means PHOTOGRAPHS) that you have represented the Hatchet or spread the message of the Dark Carnival. You need to SHOW us how dedicated you are and how you have promoted the Hatchet and the Dark Carnival.
  • Email your application and anything else you think would be applicable tostreetteam@insaneclownposse.com

Now you’re probably wondering what benefits being a part of the elite official Street Team gets you. Here’s where it gets really good.

1. All members of the Street Team receive a special personalized laminate that grants them FREE entry to ALL Psychopathic Records events … including the Gathering of the Juggalos. Yes, you read that right! FREE ENTRY to every event. The Gathering! Hallowicked! Juggalo Day! Big Ballas! The works, ninja!

2. All Street Team members will be added to a confidential email list where they will receive a newsletter updated with TOP SECRET information about future releases, tour, merchandise, etc. Please note that all Street Teams members are expected to keep this information TO THEMSELVES, as it’s only reserved for our elite team. In other words, if you can’t keep a secret…you may lose your Street Team membership.

3. You will receive exclusive merchandise ONLY for Street Team members.

Again…we are only approving 250 members to this elite promotional force and while the rewards are great, the work will be challenging. But if you’ve got the drive…we want you on our team.

Send your email application to streetteam@insaneclownposse.com!


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