Violent J of ICP speaks on Sedated

Violent J of ICP speaks on Sedated

The Duke Of The Wicked approves of Sedated and said “Sedated needs to be at the Gathering” and “That it would make the Gathering better with Sedated there”.

For a Fact: Sedated has played the GOTJ multiple times til last year. And also Sedated has been known to film music videos at the Gotj. So make sure you check out Sedateds Youtube Chanel as well as Make sure u hit up Psychopathic Records and DEMAND SEDATED TO PLAY THE GOTJ 17 THIS YEAR! WHOOP WHOOP

Sedated Performing at The GOTJ in 2013

Sedated shooting video at The GOTJ 2014 for Operation Addiction/UH-UH in the JCW RING

Violent J , the special guest on the Sugar Slam “Rock it or Sock it” show on Psychopathic Radio, speaks his take on underground artist Sedated and evaluates the new “Belly of the Beast” music video. Broadcast Jan 7th 2016.

Watch “Belly of the Beast” video here…

Buy “Belly of the Beast” or the “PUSH PAUSE” EP now on iTunes.…

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Demand Sedated to play at the Gathering

send email to mail to:­m

Call & Request Sedated on Psychopathic Radio!!!! (248) 306-5616

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    Dennis Morales 3 years ago

    His songs sound the same IMO

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  2. Avatar
    Dawgkolla 3 years ago

    Man I dig Sedated816. I usually never listen to GotJ type music but Sedated is such a nice type guy that seems truly about love and friendship. I’m telling you I love this guy. People probably look at him and think he’s bad and mean but watch him in interviews on ytube. He’s a really kind decent man who doesn’t brag or act all bad. He is the best type of person.

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