Violent J clears up on Canadian tour rumors, and Vancouver show incident

By Mankini

As many of you remember, The Milenko And Friends tour was cut short in Vancouver. Subsequently cancelling the rest of the tour as well. The internet, being the internet, began swirling about with what happened, nobody had any real info and speculation upon speculation was spun out rapidly out of control.

Well, earlier today Violent J cleared up any and all speculation in a series of tweets. Even closing with a tongue in cheek tweet, directed at ALL the speculation. In the end, it was a panic attack that caused J to walk off stage. As well as some customs issues with crew.

As you all know, the Canadian tour has resumed, finishing off those shows that got postponed. J is doing good now, and Clowns & Esham are finishing up their assault on the Canadian stages.

Check out the entire series of tweets below


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