Update: Bushwick Bill confirmed still alive, hospitalized.

There is still hope for the hip-hop legend Bushwick Bill, as it would appear that even some of his closest associates were given misleading information, which in turn spread very quickly.

Again, from TMZ

8:55 AM PT — Bill’s publicist tells TMZ he is “still alive and fighting cancer” in a hospital. She says she spoke to hospital staff to confirm, and says some of Bill’s family members are by his hospital bedside right now. Others are on their way.

As for why so many of Bill’s friends, including Scarface, are posting that he’s passed — the publicist says someone got incorrect information which is spreading like wildfire.

The rumors were likely stirred by Bill’s absence from a Saturday night Dallas gig. He was scheduled to make a special performance, but was unable to make it because he was hospitalized.

Bushwick Bill, one third of iconic rap group the Geto Boys, is in bad shape … but still battling with pancreatic cancer.

We pray he pulls through,

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