Underground Avengers release ‘Anomaly 88’ Today

By Mankini

Well, today is the day! The Underground Avengers have reassembled and have released a full length onslaught of fury for your ears, in the form of ‘Anomaly 88’.

The underground world was shaken to it’s very core when it was announced that MNE had called for UGA to once again leave ear drums forever shaken, and minds blown as Bukshot, Boondox and Claas once again formed their super group. We were given a taste in the form of ‘Killer Instinct,’ and that in itself got everyone jumping out of their seat. Only time will tell what else is in store for UGA and MNE, but I expect BIG things. Either way, if you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy, hop your ass on over to iTunes, or Spotify, or wherever and get this damn album!! Or click on the Anomaly 88 link below to order your copy.

UGA Anomaly 88


Look out for UGA on tour with Twiztid, AXE, and MMMFD this fall on the 15 year anniversary of Fright Fest Tour.

Tour dates, VIP and Tickets



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