$uicideboy$ officially added to SoopaStage Lineup!

With a few of the other acts announced, such as Shakewell, City Morgue, and Ghostemane, many Juggalos have been speculating and hoping for one specific act to be added, and with the release of the official 2019 SoopaGathering infomercial, we finally got that very announcement!

I want to die at the Gathering! The New Orleans masters are here to destroy the Soopa Stage! Join Ruby da Cherry and $crim as they bring their original style to the Juggalo Family. A rumble rises up from an old New Orleans cemetery as the bass knocks and the spirits rise. The Juggalos have spoken! The $uicideboy$ are here! Join the chart-topping, never stopping, jaw dropping duo as they celebrate 20 years of the Gathering with an insane performance only they can bring. G59 stand up!

That’s right! Straight outta NOLA, the one and only $uicideboy$ will be joining the Juggalos this summer in Shimmer Forest for the 20th Anniversary Gathering of the Juggalos: SoopaGathering edition!

Many people thought for sure they would be on the bill for Juggalo Weekend this past February, as it was held in $b’s hometown of New Orleans and we were never given an official lineup prior to the event. It turned out, as you probably know, they were not; but it seems the kind folks at Psychopathic Records and Ninjas In Action have heard the buzz from the underground and are finally introducing them to the Hatchet!

If you’re not familiar, now’s the time to get with the program, because I guarantee you this will be one of the most hype performances this year, with a rowdy crowd and pit to match!

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