UGA Anomaly 88 Available 1 Week early at AOTN!!

By Mankini

As many of you know, MNE called upon the Underground Avengers too reassemble and unleash a lyrical assault on your ear holes! And if you’ve been following along, you’ve already pre-ordered their new album ‘Anomaly 88’. That album is due out August 31. But, Bukshot himself just confirmed on his Facebook that if you’re heading to Attack Of The Ninjas this weekend, in Kokomo IN, you’ll be able to pick up the album a week early!! So, if you’re not going to be able to there, and you haven’t already pre-ordered, you may want to holler at a homie now to pick you up a copy of ‘Anomaly 88’ 1 week before the official release.

From Bukshots Facebook:

‪The brand new UGA album “Anomaly 88” doesn’t come out until August 31, but I was just told that it WILL be at Attack Of The Ninjas this weekend in Kokomo, Indiana! So everybody who’s been wanting to hear some new UGA for the last several years, it’s going down this weekend! 👊🏻‬


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