Twiztid – This Way To Hell Tour: Review

Hashly and Hanka here. Tremont Music Hall Charlotte NC It’s always a wicked time when the demented duo roll through the queen city.

First off a few things about the venue. Tremont has been a venue I (Hanka) have been watching shows at for years. It’s one of those small venues that feels spacious yet intimate.

In my eyes (Hashly) it was a cool place. They even had a Hooka Bar, but the staff was far too strict when it came to juggalo etiquette. I think it’s fresh that they offered juggalo themed drinks that would have even the smoothest killa sluring their words.

The night started off with all the VIP’s lining up at the bus to meet Twiztid and get some one on one time with them. Which is always a special privilege

First act of the night: F. Dux. Charlotte’s own tunnel runner. Always rocking the house, had about a 25 minute set. During every minute of those 25 he was filling the room with mad love. Being the hometown homie, Charlotte will always show the utmost love and respect for the PBR drinking half face killa.


Act Two: Neurotic November: NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED. Pleasantly surprised at the sound and the theatrics of both the band AND the crowd with this act. What horrorcore did for rap, this act did for metal. Plus ballroom dancing in the middle of a mosh pit always wins me over. (Hanka) Totally enjoyed the look of their unconventional stage wear. (Hashly)

getHashly Photography

Act Three: Kung Fu Vampire (KFV): Crowd was EXTREMELY pumped by the time he hit the stage. Did a mix of old favorites, got live jumping down interacting with the crowd, Then gave us a taste of new flavor. Plus, he’s sexy and has JOKES! (Hashly) At one point, he was waving a light stick around asking the crowd “what was up with the giraffe dicks”? Someone threw one on stage then he put it in his pants teasing the ninjettes and sang to us before throwing it back out to the crowd. If that wasn’t enough to fill your Blood Lust, he then brought out Mr. Grey who tours with KFV and has just released his new cd “Remain Raw”. The collab was mad fresh and they reflect off each other in a way only FU and Grey can! The set ended with KFV’s original fresh ass hit “Dead Girls Don’t Say No”. The whole crowd was jumpin and rappin right along with him. Hard to say goodbye at the end of the set and coming from one guy that was not a KFV fan before the show… I gotta say the feel of his set and the vibe I got from the crowd, KVF gained a new fan in me. (Hanka)

He stuck around all through the night hangin with fam, and signing autographs and slangin merch.

getHashly Photography


Electricity in the air, facepaint in the crowd. That can only mean one thing The Demented Duo has FINALLY returned to the queen city. From the second they stepped out on stage and that first bump hit from “Lift Me Up” you knew it was gonna be fucking W.I.C.K.E.D. Twiztid came out swigning with enough mostasteless songs to make even the oldest juggalo in the crowd happy. Doing only as Twiztid can they ask the crowd a simple question “do you wanna rock the dead”? The crowd erupted with love for that! Keeping things going they served up the crowd with some new flavor that was MAD Fresh!

One of the best moments of the night happened when the lights got low and the “DL’s” got thrown up. LOOTUUUUUS. Well not exactly but we did get both of their verses from “Headache” I popped the hardest of anyone in the crowd for that (Hanka)

Twiztid always being ones to please the lettes in the crowd, had to let us all know that “She Ain’t Afraid”. Which had all the lettes looking for someone to get their grind on with. (Hanka & Hashly Approves)

getHashly Photography

Hype show they closed with LDLHA-IBCSYWA which had everyone happy yet sad knowing that their time with Twiztid was coming to a close.

Hashly was all around the venue, press pit, backstage trying to get good shots. Even though her camera was less than cooperative, and her shots turned out soft focused. She and I both had a blast!

We wanna shout-out to the Fam for all the love and support and to Mr. Grey for supporting TJF and getting us inside the show with press access. We hope to see you all at the next show!

Bring a homie, but don’t bring your weed to tremont. You will get bounced.

Keep it wicked.

Hashly and Hanka.

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