Twiztid: Fright Fest 2014 – Review and Photos

Written by: Checkers

Special thanks to: George and the entire Magic Ninja Ent. Team, Amanda P, and the entire front line of ninjas who let me reset the photo barricade between each act.  -Hazin


Photo by: #Hazin


Halloween is always a lively and anticipated time of year for those who enjoy costumes, candy, parties, and everything wicked. For juggalos of all ages, attending Twiztid’s Fright Fest tour or hitting up ICP’s annual Hallowicked in Detroit, or for the lucky few going to both, can make for the best Halloween ever. Checkers and Hazin of True Juggalo Family set out on the long road trip to catch both shows for this 2014 Halloween season.

The first on the must see event list was catching Twiztid’s stop in Detroit Murderous for their Fright Fest tour, which ended the following night in Illinois. October 30 at the Majestic, Twiztid set out to represent for their newly announced label and true independence from psychopathic since their split two years ago. Approaching the event was like any other, find a place to park, hope you won’t get towed, hop skip and jump through magnitudes of construction…typical down town stuff in most big cities.

We approached the front of the line to check in for press (the tour had run out of actual photo passes, but George quickly told Hazin to go do his thing without it).  We entered the building and began doing what we do, Hazin snapping pics and Checkers taking it all in to write about it.

The setup was open and inviting but the entire venue seemed to be very poorly lit. This made it difficult to see around the room and find those long lost homies no ones seen since the Gathering or Juggalo Day. But as usual, we adapted and molded to our surroundings.   (Photographer Note: I excel in low lighting but this was pretty extreme)

The line up for Fright Fest was nothing short of a melting pot of styles and different kinds of music. There was rap, rock, and what can only be described as rap meeting dub step. The first three groups out; Neurotic November, Ajax and Defekt were a little rocky.

While the lyrics and music were decent, the sound was still having some issues and their full sets could not be fully heard by the crowd. Defekt had the most difficult set being first out, half of his lyrics could not be heard at all for the majority of it. He had good energy and did well to try to keep the crowd engaged despite the technical issues.

Photo by: #Hazin

Ajax was the most different sound I’ve heard yet at s recent show. Dub step meets rap…the only way to describe it. While it would be nice to say it was a nice new experience, it was slightly disorganized. The majority of the music was not their own, while I know this works for many artists, it seemed unoriginal and rude to the original artists. The lyrics were decent at times but it was easy to tune out this set all together. No offense to Ajax and doing what you do, but would be nice to see some of your own original music. (I know I’m going to get heat for that, but it’s true.)

Neurotic November was great. The rock set in the middle of two rap artists was a nice change of pace. The crowd was beginning to fill in and the atmosphere was getting hyped in anticipation for Twiztid.

This show continued with the next several groups; the ROC, Kung Fu Vampire and Blaze Ya Dead Homie. It was good to see ROC again. It had been some time since seeing him live and on his own. He radiated energy and excitement. It was captivating and rejuvenating.

Kung Fu Vampire has always been the life of a party. On this night, he came out free of makeup and free of theatrics. It was just a normal guy doing what he does best. He even addressed this during his set as it had become apparent some were upset about this fact. He made a good point that it didn’t matter how he came out of stage because the music speaks for itself. While I did miss his makeup just due to it being Halloween, there were no disappointments in his performance.

Photo by: #Hazin

Blaze Ya Dead Homie was the last remaining act before Twiztid. Blaze played all his usual faves and pumped up the crowd. I always lose myself when Blaze is on stage. The music is fun, lively, and a blast to dance to with thousands of other juggalos.

Twiztid came out in a ball of pent up ADD energy that just exploded when they took the stage. They always move around so much it makes it difficult to get a good pic with anything less than a thousand dollar camera. The set of songs was perfect, leading into each other with harmony and reason.

They stopped mid show to recognize their new record label. They then went into discussing how they have come up and are doing what they want. It was honestly something easy to block out because, much like the interview and videos recently put out there from Twiztid on their views toward psychopathic and juggalos etc. Personally, I just want to see everyone happy and doing what they love with no drama.

Photo by: #Hazin

Twiztid finished up their set and it was time to clear out and head to the after party right next door. Now, I, Checkers, opted to not go to the sold out after party because of the four of us in our group, we only had three ways in. I stayed behind and Hazin left to the show. .

With the end of night one of the Halloween spectacular in Detroit, it was off to bed to rest up for Hallowicked.



Hazin here – the after party was at capacity and I was politely bounced due to it, no pictures from the event, but from what I gather, Twiztid and Blaze played a brief ammount and that was the end.  Shorecrest was the place to be that night, I walked down and hung out with some old friends, chatted with some new friends etc, before turning it in for the night.

You can find the full collection of quality photos at: – but below is a slideshow of them.



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