Twiztid and Blaze perform Dark Lotus tracks at Attack Of The Ninjas. Respond to fans on Instagram

By Mankini

If you were at Attack Of The Ninjas this weekend, you were in for a treat. Twiztid closed out the night performing 6 DL songs, with Blaze. Now, Twiztid performing Lotus isn’t really news, as they’ve been doing it for a couple of years now.

But, this was the first time they did it with the masks (Opaque Brotherhood era), and what looked to be new Lotus jerseys (no hatchet man or mne logo). Obviously, these things don’t mean anything, other than Twiztid still performs Lotus songs as they have in the past. And, this being a very special Twiztid performance, they wanted to make as a big as special as possible.

However, a few responses from Twiztids official Instagram page suggest that there might be more to this Lotus. One response reads

“You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. ”

@officialtwiztid: nope…not a chance…we are Lotus

Who knows what this means. For the meantime, without an official announcement from Twiztid and MNE, it would be safe to assume that there isn’t a new Lotus I’m the works. But, in skimming through the original IG post, one could be drawn to a completely opposite conclusion. Only time will tell. For now, peep the questions/remarks along with Twiztids responses below, and see what you make of all of it.



2-Gimme That Blood

3-Pass The Axe


5-Juggalo Family (Closing)


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