The Spooktacular Horror Show – Review by Murd3r

The Spooktacular Horror Show
Opening night 9/28
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The Cabooze nightclub.

What up ya’ll? Minnesota Murd3r here to give you a rundown of Twiztid’s opening night show. Typical day in the concert life for me. I rush to get off of work, make the hundred mile trip up to the twin cities. Deal with some typical rush hour traffic. All to show up at what I consider Minneapolis’s stalest concert venue.

Now for whatever reason in Minnesota a weak ass 10person group always opens for Twiztid shows. I personally have zero fuckin idea how or why they do it! They must be friends with the promoters or pay out their ass to play. I don’t know! I just don’t have the answers to that question. Every time, it’s just so so stale. We want JPK to open or something different! Fuck! But anyway, for professional courtesy I’ll keep them nameless (remember kids this is only my opinion and it does not in any way reflect the opinions of Juggalo news). After all 37 of those fools got their shit off of the stage, a quick equipment swap, and Menace 2 sobriety was ready to light it up. These dudes kill!

I believe they are from Ohio and I’m pretty positive they’ve been at the gathering, but I don’t know for sure. Personally they remind me of this older punk/hip hop group called the Phunk Junkies. Fresh!
I dug their set. They covered some Yelawolf, which was awesome, they kept up a great high intensity energy throughout the allotted time and just kept moving through their set list. Personally I was impressed.
Punk/hip hop that’s what I would call it I guess. But what do I know? (Nothing?) I don’t know too much about them really. I’m gonna check out their discography in the near future it was just a great choice to get the crowd hyped up for the rest of the artists. If you like rock/rap/punk you NEED to check out Menace 2 Sobriety over at

in this section of the story
I wanna tell you how stale and unpractical the Cabooze is for a music venue. First off this club it 150 feet long 40 feet wide (guesstimate). Now with that said strictly from a design standpoint, where would you put the stage?

Long ways, right? Right.

Front to back.

Well fuck logic and reason. The stage is in the middle with 30 feet of front to back crowd space and a hundred feet of off to the stale ass side standing room. Fuckin stupid! They have some of the poorest in house lighting I have ever seen at a venue, It’s absolutely horrendous. It’s like 70s can lights with 1.21 watt bulbs (no not a gigawatt just a watt) LAME! If your planning on coming to Minnesota avoid the Cabooze and hit up Skyway theater.image1

Back on subject…
The stage swap outs were really fast. In less than 10 minutes Godz of Kaos were on and poppin!
With a raw raspy sound and devastating beats, these dudes are enjoyable as fuck to watch live they had a good solid set list with plenty of crowd interaction I think they even may have done a cover of Juggalo homies and that was awesome. You could tell the crowd was unfamiliar with the music but that didn’t stop anyone from getting down with a live DJ and great stage presence these guys will fit in anywhere they go in the underground
Rugged and raw was a great follow up to the Menace 2 Sobriety. Be sure to follow Godz of Kaos on Facebook and check them out and subscribe on YouTube.
Godz of Kaos on Facebook
Gods of Kaos YouTube Channel

Next up Lex the Hex Master

Now if you haven’t seen or haven’t at least checked out his music you’re sleeping on some talent.
Over the last year or so I’ve seen him a few times and each time his stage presence and abilities have improved. He can rap no doubt but at first he seemed off or uncomfortable on stage well I’m here to tell you those days are over. He had some technical difficulties with a couple different mics, but didn’t let it bother him he just kept rapping with or without a mic. He didn’t skip a beat. Once that staleness was fixed and a couple jokes later back to blowing people’s wigs back. Be sure to keep up with Lex on social media and pick up any of his albums over at twiztidshop.comimage2

Zodiac Mprint what can you say about Blaze and R.O.C.? Nothing. They are the shit with a sweet back drop and plenty of dope Juggalo favorites it always a special thing to watch. It was nice seeing Blaze in something other than that tired ass Casket Factory suit also lol. They started out with a few Zodiac tracks some new shit maybe it wasn’t new idk. Some solo Blaze as well as some solo R.O.C.
(side note)
I’ve always felt the R.O.C. has never really gotten the Juggalo love he deserves He’s a beast!
And him and Blaze just complement each other’s style perfectly.

Anyway they did a great set and if you haven’t scooped their new EP Ride the Stars, go get it over at

Now for the dude I’ve been waiting to see for a long minute or two Mothafuckin Mac Lethal!

If you don’t know this dude is the shit he’s gone viral several times over with the pancake rap. Literally he’s cooking pancakes and rapping the fuck out. He’s cover Obamas state of the union address and all sorts of crazy shit. He can rap, he’s incredibly intelligent, and produces a show on MTV called Binge Thinking. He’s been featured on tracks with Ces Cru and more recently Tech N9ne. If you don’t know about Mac where the fuck have you been? He’s, in my opinion, the most talented EMC to come outta KCMO. That’s saying a lot. Be sure to check out his insanely popular YouTube channel 500k subscribers (holy shit)! And all of his social media sites.
Mac Lethal YouTube Channel
Mac Lethal Facebook Page

Now, as you can tell, I’m not a writer and really just vomit text onto a screen but if you’re still reading this……. Is anyone still reading this?

It’s time for TWIZTID!image3

Twiztid brought a sweet ass cage style lighting system that was covered up for everyone else’s performance.
Now with them about to start the crew comes out drops the black tarp in the middle of it all and there’s a fuckin drum kit! Whoa Wigs were blew the fuck back. Was the band gonna be there? NO, but Twiztid with a live drummer was awesome. The side tarps came down and there they are the demented duo opening up with…?

In Hell.

Actually they did a few songs off Darkness and, as always, they did a great mix of old and new. Although nothing off the Continuous Evolution of Life’s ?s. None the less they schooled it. Old New Boogie Man, We Don’t Die, Old School Pervert, and all the bangers you wanna hear. Some weed songs, some comedy, just a fresh mix of everything they know we want. They finished up with some soft heart felt LDLHA-IBCSYWA.
I do love that song but I feel they do it to close out shows too much these days. I was hoping for Renditions of Reality or I’m Alright because they have the Freaktasteless show in Denver.

But whatever, they didn’t disappoint. If you missed the opening night show in Minneapolis you fucked up!
should I say it again?
You fucked up!

If you can, be sure to catch Twiztid next month on their country wide Spooktacular Horror Show tour. As always keep an eye out over at for all of the upcoming freshness. And be sure to pre order The Continuous Evolution Of Life’s ?s dropping 1/27/17.

There it is my review of the opening night if anyone actually read it thank you
As always photos will be at
And on

Thanks again mothafockos n mothafockettes
Huge shout out and extra special thanks to my better half Alicia Hairsine for driving me around and always being there to support me love you long time!
And mad props to Sara Maguire & Dusty Birch for hooking me up yet again with some dope ass United Streets Of America merch go check them out on Facebook


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