DFW’s Suave Schwag dropped a new single yesterday featuring most of Sick Gang(Claas, Don Orias, Dieabolik The Monster, and CHXXMPA), entitled “Suave4Life”, available for streaming now! Check it out right here, Spotify link at bottom!

New Single: Bukshot and Boondox ft Twiztid & Young Wicked “Sith Lords”

New single: Clockworc ft Kung Fu Vampire “Hell Froze”

Damien Quinn announced a new single the other day, and hooked everyone up with plenty of links to stream it free! Download this track for FREE @ SoundCloud: BandCamp: ReverbNation: AudioMack: or stream it on YouTube ...

Whitney Peyton and Gina Fritz have released the debut single that has being teased for several weeks. Entitled “Big”, the single is available on virtually every major streaming the four major streaming outlets. Click Here to find it on your ...

Twiztid released a new single last night for the track “Livin’At the Bottom”, from their upcoming album, Generation Nightmare! Give it a listen below!

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