DFW’s Suave Schwag dropped a new single yesterday featuring most of Sick Gang(Claas, Don Orias, Dieabolik The Monster, and CHXXMPA), entitled “Suave4Life”, available for streaming now! Check it out right here, Spotify link at bottom!

Member of the Shrunken Head Entertainment(SHE) crew Dieabolik The Monster has released a new 9-track EP entitled Gasoline, now available for streaming on multiple platforms! Check the links below! YouTube Spotify Apple Music Amazon Music Google Play Music

Razakel and the rest of the crew over at S.H.E. have dropped a mixtape, or rather a re-mixtape, featuring the whole label across 15 remixed tracks from mainstream artists such as Drake, Cardi B, The Weeknd, and more. It is ...

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