Support for Potential Transgender Miss Juggalette Pageant Contestant AT GOTJ!

Support for Potential Transgender Miss Juggalette Pageant Contestant AT GOTJ!

Lette's Respect's photo.

A Statement has been released from LETTE’SRESPECT on this subject.

We here at Lette’s Respect celebrate beautiful “bearded” ladies and unconventional beauty that defies all norms and pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable. It is time to celebrate freedom of expression in all forms, without limitation or exception. Everyone is welcome, one universal family, free 2 be! That is why we believe that this year’s 2016 Miss Juggalette Pageant, a celebration of wild women, reinventing standards of beauty with no bounds with that ever-so-subtle touch of Detroit class, is ready for the amazing, incredible, death-defying presence of a TRUE circus icon–May we present our pledge to support and honor our SISTER, Miss Alexis Macknight aka Burger, in her choice to enlist in the runnings for the title of the Juggalette Queen 2016! We believe Alexis has the power to take the pageant up to a new level of consciousness and thought. If we are to continue forward in creating a space for universal family without limitation (and lots of laughs and clowning along the way), we can think of no other person to better carry the torch, shed the Carnival Light in the Dark, and move us forward. For that, she gets all our RESPECT in the world.

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This year’s 2016 Miss Juggalette Pageant will take place at The 17th Annual Gotj on Friday July 23, 2016 at 5:00 pm on Carousel Stage, located at Legend Valley 7585 Kindle Rd, Thornville OH

Miss Juggalette Pageant  

Juggalettes are by far the most attractive women on the planet. Their beauty is exemplified through their intellect, charm, creativity, spirit, and physical form. They are the mothers of the Earth and nurturers of life who can avert war with but a smile. They are to be treasured, respected, and honored above all because it’s their love that moves the universe. This pageant pays homage to all of our treasured Juggalettes and for many is the most monumental event at the Gathering. It consists of three rounds: #1: Personality—Q&A. #2: Talent—Contestants show off a skill (dancing, rapping, juggling, etc.). And #3: Swimsuit competition! Judges will tally the scores from all rounds (taking crowd reaction into heavy consideration) to determine who will become this year’s Juggalette Queen!

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