Soopa Gathering “Soopa Stage” Details!




The spirits of our Ancestors are called to the sacred grounds of Shimmer Forest, lending their energies to empower the living, lyrical embodiment of The Warrior Soul. His booming voice and supernatural cadence compel you to move amongst an ocean of Juggalo Homies, splitting and mixing together in a kinetic mass as though under the influence of a shaman’s spell. The Shapeshifting abilities of this MC have allowed him to transcend his mortal restraints and move freely through the Hallowed Halls of Hatchet History. Now the time has come for The War Chief to emerge once again, rattling the earth with wardrum sounds of Native Funk and testing the worthiness of all who claim Warrior in his presence with a microphone in his hand and a medicine bag at his hip.


Ancient scripts written from an order of dark voodoo tribes foretell of an entity that will come upon our world as a shadow of death, reigning destruction and speaking in a rhythmic tongue that will instill madness, murder, and chaos. His passage will herald an age where the light of the world will dim and the vilest of magic will flow, ushering in a new age infused with unmentionable evil. It is foretold that with his passage the seas will boil, the skies will rain with blood, and the very dead will walk again. He goes by many names whispered amongst those who study the very darkest of occult lore, but you may know him by his true name…Big Hoodoo!


POW! From the start they have been electrifying the senses with their uncanny abilities on the mic, in the studio and on stage as they continue to mutate throughout the years to remain the undisputed super heroes of the underground world! WHAM! For more than 25 years they have brought to you music, movies, comics, games, wrestling, laughter, and this very festival as a testament of the love they have for their Juggalo fam, as they stand with them through thick and thin! CRASH! Now they take the stage for the 20th time for the 20th annual with an explosive performance that will transcend across every multiverse throughout known time and space! BANG! They always remain the epitome of dopeness, as they continue to fly into the stratosphere of legendary status powered by pure Juggalo love…Clown on Muthafakoos! KABOOM!

Twitter @ICP


Feel the Ruusshhhh as the Psychopathic Monstar takes the stage in an explosive verbal assault of machine-gun-style mayhem. This tried and true battle-born and bred MC from Flint MI has paved a way of success that tunnels deep beneath the underground. He is considered to have one of the highest energy live performances to ever ignite a mic, and now he comes to completely obliterate the Gathering grounds, leaving all in his wake empowered, mesmerized, and feeling the flow of high-octane adrenaline that only he can infuse. Get ready to get live as you get lit for LYTE!

Twitter @Lyte


Emerging from the all-consuming flames of the Trashfire and the murky, bottomless depths of the Gutterwater, the underground rumbles with ominous sounds and bass that pounds from the one known as the Future of the Wicced Shit. Ouija Macc is one Juggalo on an eternal mission. With his legions of Guttergods and original sound that has made its mark on the Juggalo World forever, he invites us all to join him on an epic and arduous quest on streets strewn with blood to gather the elements for the absolute mayhem of Darc Planet. So light it up and start a pit. 40 bodies ain’t enough cuz that’s that Gary Way, Bitch. Who will survive?


P-P-P-POW! Let the impact hit you as your wig splits back upon impact! You are now toe to toe with The Notorious! The Infamous! The Wickedest! The Feared and Deadly Forces hostile forces of none other than…the SOOPA Villainz! Making their Gathering debut, the soopa group of ICP and Esham are ready to devastate and annihilate, laying waste to all in their path, flying at lightning speed with fists of fury, crunching your teeth into the back of your skull. Get ready to get decimated as the nefarious sounds pound the stage. SOOPA DOOPA!


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