Various GOTJ20 Information

In the short time the site was actually live, we were able to get a few bits of info as it pertains to the festival, such as the rules and campground details. Here’s what we have so far:

This year’s GOTJ is being held on a 400-acre fenced-in outdoor music venue known as Shimmer Forest, with an address of 99 Moore Lane, Springville IN, 47462. It is owned and operated by a super cool group of ninjas who are excited to bring our event to their home, and for that alone they deserve our respect. There is enough space at Shimmer Forest to allow everyone to camp directly on the grounds (most of which is beneath the shade of trees) for a truly 24-hour experience.

There is a 20-acre field located near the front entrance to Shimmer Forest where you may park your vehicle for free. Keep in mind there is no camping allowed in the parking area! Due to fire codes, any campsites set up in the parking lot will be moved (go to the Info Tent for help locating your stuff if this happens to you).

Once you enter Shimmer Forest with your GOTJ wristband you are free to camp in any of the designated camping areas on a first come first serve basis. These locations will be clearly marked on the GOTJ map of Shimmer Forest, which will be available in the GOTJ program, and on this website. Keep in mind that the Gathering staff reserve the right to move any tent, vehicle, or campfire, to handle disputes. Or, if they are located on a road, or an unofficial camping area. There are some key rules that everyone must follow when camping:

There is no camping in the Parking Lot or in the field in front of the Soopa Stage.
All tents and vehicles must be 15 feet from any other tent, vehicle, or campfire in all directions.
Do not camp in-between any row of metal poles, as these mark fire lanes.
Make sure to safely contain, maintain, and extinguish all campfires.
All vehicles at a campsite must have an appropriate vehicle sticker pass.
Please be respectful of your neighbors, especially when it comes to excessive noise at night.

The following is a list of key rules to help keep everyone safe and ensure a good time. We ask that you treat everything on the grounds of Shimmer Forest with respect to show proper respect to the owners who have welcomed us into their homes. We also ask ninjas to refrain from showing up early to the Gathering.

No selling of illegal substances or the breaking of any other laws.
No underage or excessive drinking, or substance abuse.
Children must be supervised by adults.
No vandalism or destruction of property.
No cutting of trees, damaging plant life, or hurting wild animals.
The speed limit while on the grounds is 5 mph.
No animals.
No weapons, glass, or dangerous objects.
No spray-paint.
No littering, especially at the campsites.
No selling of food or manufactured merchandise (especially bootlegged merch).

As always, we will continue to keep everyone up to date on ALL Gathering news and updates as the information rolls in!

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