Shoeless’s review of GOTJ 2018

JuggaloNews presents a Whoopstock Review

By Shoeless

Parking lot party:

I’m not going to lie, my parking lot party time was short lived. Much to do with the regular day stuff like work and home. I can tell you it was a great feeling to be back home in Ohio especially after fucklahoma. Being back at Legend Valley was like that feeling you get when you spill warm yogurt on yo girl’s back…  Anywho, we had a good ride through the whole way, with no issues. I can tell you the only thing that bugged me is, people have been asked repeatedly by the Steve Trickle (owner of the grounds) not to do fireworks in the lot, and no one abides. It’s one of the few places to go for us so I take it seriously about the fireworks issue. I felt that shit…

Day 1:
So after running into a few homies the night before, and a few hours later (slept in the car) we go to the ticket booth to get our tickets, charms, bracelet, and booklet for the gathering (my 7th). Not long after we get in the line for car pass to go through the opening gates. We had some of the Jnews owners graciously holding a little space for us that were waiting and watching for us to come through. When we got in we celebrated with the homies (Cupcake, Hazin, Butterflies, the Foot, He who Smoke’s alot, and more) for a bit, and set up camp. Napped a few more hours in the tent. Got up to go walk the grounds then went on a few golf cart rides with Cupcake, and Hazin. Of course in the process we ran into even more homies and caught up. Including the talented and always fresh Tom Wood. So I didn’t catch much in the beginning stages of the opening acts, but I gotta say the Jimi Hendrix cover band was on point. They sound almost just like him, and deserve the credit of such. We went up to Camp Cut for a bit to hang with our homies Jordan, and Alicia to catch up and have a few beverages. The shows started popping off pretty close to the schedule, and we were off to head to this stage or that to see what we could catch, (as always too much going on at all times to catch it all)… So check it out… We all know who played, what day, and all of that. I’m going to break it down to the ones that just stood out. We all have our own opinion on our experience right!? So mainstage that stood out on night one, Big Hoodoo, Immortal Technique, and ABK! Maybe even the best ABK set I’ve seen at any gathering I’ve been to! Not long after the mainstage wrapped up, we head over to the Prince was a purple juggalo party. It was a blast! Especially since so many dressed the part! The carnival was in full effect!

Day 2:
Kind of a blur in the early part, because we woke up at the crack of noon. Also want to stress how damn great the weather was this gathering as well, for the above mentioned wake up time to even have been possible. It wasn’t like the hot turtle tank that was Fucklahoma, no!! It was perfect! We listened to Violent J’s motivational speach from the campsite, and it sounds like the Duke of the Wicked wishes to inspire. ABK’s siminar turned around into a party, and hang out session which was great to see! Onward we go. We did a good amount of time live feeding the grounds of the day, and let’s be honest, the people who couldn’t make it want to see their people right!? So we get to the Grateful Dead cover band via mainstage part of the day, and again true to their gimmick wasn’t disappointed. It was a tie dye explosion for most everyone there even through the parking lot party so this band fit right in. I’ll say this too, for Jelly Roll having some health problems last year, you would have never known or guessed otherwise! He was on fire and feeling the love! Gwar sacrificed their ppl on stage as usual, with great enthusiasm! The rest of the night was filled with Hell’s fucking Pit! So fresh! And even though we were partying our asses off altogether along came the near end of the show, and then… Security dude #5 stage left comes over and says to practically all of us: “Hey there friendly juggalos! You guys wanna go up on stage and throw faygo!? We all look at each other like did he just say that!? (Cue Heisenberg) And bolt! Most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on… Close out the night with the only A.X.E., and the Yacht Club’s wine mixer! Man that was a hell of a BBQ! Can’t thank Big Zane, Z, Heather, Dusty, and everyone else who were working their asses off making sure everyone had a good time and shit was 🔥!!!

Day 3:
Woke up a somewhere between the auction, and the Hoodoo seminar. Head on down to camp cut (moose moose!) again, then roll by to see the United Streets of America friends as well. Had to go get the ceremonial Burrito Man burrito. Then we rolled around trolling mischief, and doing hood rat shit with our homies. Head on over to the costume contest in support of Cupcake! Yo, the costumes were incredible! So we’re hanging out with some friends and boom… The bottom falls out and it’s just piss pouring rain. Seeking shelter in the trees until we hit fuck it, we’re soaked anyways. Met a lette from Whales, U.K. while playing dodge the raindrops. (I think my girl attracts people with foreign accents.) Wish her luck and head on out to cheer and clap then before long head to camp to dry out, change and ended up falling asleep again. Hangovers, how do they work!? Wake up to Mankini looking for us, because surprise, our friends Nick (ClaAs), and Sheri made it unexpectedly! We hit the grounds hard again looking for our friends (we finally caught up with them later that night!) Back to mainstage, then back and forth a little bit from camp to camp catching up on shows as we go. King Iso came to work! Esham was charging the air with the excitement of his return to the gathering! Hopsin was just high energy to ramp it up for The one and only Tech N9ne!!! So they naturally killed it. Picked up my wig, and headed onto my personal highlight (Faygo Armageddon aside) of the gathering, Clownvis Presley! He was hilarious and warmly welcomed! Even Tech came by to check it out at one point… So, we watch the whole show, head on over to the Carousel stage and find our Texas homies (ClaAs and Sheri) catch up with each other some and wait on the Killjoy Club!

Day 4:
Somehow I woke up at my campsite. Idk how we got there, but I’m not fully awake and here what I thought was Lyte and Ouija about to elbow someone from the top rope Macho Man style… Pass back out and wake up a little later to hear they actually were getting rowdy a little bit during their own seminar… Anyway, the last day of the gathering is a bit of a mixed bag. You know you have to leave that next day so even though you’re enjoying every minute of it you can it’s always bitter sweet. We’re mobin going to everything we can, visiting errybody we can, and catching every act we can. It’s just never enough time! Anyway fast forward a bit to mainstage that night. Zug Izland gave a performance, and an announcement for an engagement, and possibly a wedding for our 20th as something to look forward to! Lyte, Attila, DJ Paul killed it! But man… Yelawolf showed out! Challenged everyone who had fireworks to hit him if they can! And this time they did! Even firing the mortars into the stage. It was dope ass pandemonium! Only further setting the stage for a 2nd and final stellar preformance for this gathering from the Clowns!
Teardown is always hard. You have been stretching yourself to the limit the whole time, and so you procrastinate. Sadly pack up, and it’s eerily quiet for the most part on the grounds. But man it’s also full of love and hugs to your family! We say our farewells, and well wishes of safe travels, and head out… Til next year!

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