Sedated-“Push Pause” Review

Sedated-“Push Pause” Review

-By: Tommy Boy

Los & Lettes, we gather here today to discuss this guy called Sedated. This artist has been a highlight and favorite at the Gathering on several occasions and taken not only the Juggalo scene, but places like Russia and Minsk have large Sedated fanbases. Basically, if you don’t know him, you need to get yourself a dose..If you haven’t seen him perform live, you are missing out. Already having great success this year by winning Midwest Music Awards Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, in addition, Sedated just signed a Worldwide Distribution deal with RBC Records (the same dist company as Tech N9ne & Bone Thugs) to back the new release.  We recently took to iTunes and downloaded the new “Push Pause” EP released digitally this past Friday the 13th. The first official video release “A Loaded Gun” dropped Halloween and has been getting good attention, featuring a bloody Zombie slaying Sedated in his first animated music video. This EP is short and sweet with only 5 tracks, but before you think you are being short handed, our sources say this release is a part in a series that use the number of tracks in play to the releases. So there are 5 tracks for a reason. Even tho you don’t get the amount of tracks, the quality and diversity of the material completely makes up for it. For those who are longing for that full length Sedated in their face, you will just have to wait for the next project that is said to be a album.
The EP
This release is his first project to drop following his last album “Hit Record” featuring the most popular track “Mocking Bard”. This EP is nothing like that album. You are getting fresh meat with this one. It holds is own identity among his material and previous tracks. Fully produced and recorded in-house, “Push Pause” holds a simplicity that isn’t to be mistaken for plain. It brings back a story telling element that has been missing in music for a while.
The Ep starts off with the track “Belly of the Beast” which is an ode to the Midwest (Kansas City in particular) . This one is raw and in your face. Has that signature midwest punchy piano riff and hard kicks. He is dependently marking his territory with this track. With it being the first song, it feels like it is a “Let’s just get this out the way” joint. Strait to the point. It seems to prepare you for the journey into the EP and brings you up to date with what Sedated is about for the new listener.. Def a good solid jam.
The first single “A Loaded Gun” is the #2 of the line-up. This one shows the diversity in the production used in the project. It has some old school sounds and a very animated. It has a nostalgic feel. You have to let this one take you along with it when listening. The perc is you get an extra verse that you don’t get with the video vers. 80’s & 90’s kids will like this one.
The 3rd installment is the track “FAKE’N JACK”. If you dislike pussy-hop and fake ass rappers… this one is for you. This song holds no care for feelings. Sedated has always been known to tell it like it is in his opinion. Just like “Mocking Bard” he points out some of the typical issues with many of the other artist out. Fakeness and fuckery. Seems each album, he has that one “slap a wankster around a bit” song. This one is catchy and takes a twist on the Jack & the Beanstalk concept. It also features an attached interlude with chants that is great if you want to test your speakers durability.
Number 4 is one of the highlights of the EP. This one touches on a great subject.. WEED! This is the smokers track. Titled “Simply Strains”, he used nothing but reefer lingo and bud brands to create this song. Nicknamed “32 Flavors”, you def want to spark up when you listen. Red eyes and happy ears will be the result. Very good wordplay and delivery.
#5 and the final track is on a deeper darker side. Following a motorcycle accident that almost took his life back in 2006, he has been resistant to speak on the spiritual changes and challenges that he endured during that time along with a deeper vision of life and the purpose.. Told you this one was deep. It gives you a flush feeling followed by a total change of sensory. It’s almost leaves you in a trance. After you think it’s over, you will find yourself listening to the EP exit song “The Doctor’s In Outro” Prepare to feel some bass and vibration. This is probably the favorite for most hardcore fans. A look inside the mind of the madman for better terms…
All and all, this EP kicks ass and holds a good punch. The sound is awesome and very fat. It’s almost like listening to an old record before music was smashed by compression. That makes this EP not only good for a Sedated lover, but a music lover also. Very good quality. It gives you a little bit of everything and does not kill you with repetitive content and themes. You never taste the same flavor twice when you bite into this one. Serious to Sarcastic, Sedated can always deliver a good product. Push Pause is really unlike anything you prob have ever heard. Being different is always what makes Sedated such a good artist in many peoples eyes. You will never get shorted originality. This EP is def worth heading over to iTunes and grabbing up. This will fit in well with your everyday playlist.  It’s only $4.99 and is available worldwide thru RBC Records.
So far every source has given this release a good review and rating. We understand why.
With 5 tracks, we give it 5 stars and two whoops up!
We will be giving out a few hard copy CDs of “Push Pause” to a few lucky people. Keep tabs thru JN for details!
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OH NO!!! The people have been turned into mindless zombies stemming a Taylor Swift concert! When the horror swept thru the Midwest and into Kansas City. One man decided to take this fight on to save the City from this devastating plague…
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