Rasslerap Review – Pop’s Nightclub Sauget, IL

Christmas came early to St Louis Juggalos and wrestling fans in the form of JCW Rasslerap. It was a night of great JCW matches and mini concerts. Procedes from from VIP packages and exclusive shirt sales went to help the children at ST John’s Childrens Hospital of Illinois, making the night a triple delight.

With DJ Clay, Kevin Gill and Sugar Slam on the mic there was never a dull moment even between the action.  Performances by Razakel, Buckshot, Myzery, Big Hoodoo, Young Wicked, ABK, Willie D, and a solo performance with the help of Jumpsteady & Young Wicked rocked the house.


Match 1 was a 6 Man Tag match

  • The Viking War Party vs 2Tuff Tony w/ Mike Outlaw & Justin D’Air

Coming to the ring, Tony was pouring out shots like Christmas gifts.  Chants of Fuck Em Up Tony and One More TIme could be heard with every one of 2Tuff Tony’s chops.   St Louis locals Justin D’Air & Mike Outlaw awed Juggalos with their steamrolls, and flying bodies.

The Viking War Party would not be out shined with their teamwork skills, including a triple splash but Tony’s signature Flaming Fist followed by a triple dive meant a pin fall win for Tony and his crew.

Match 2 was an Intergender Tag Match

  • Jake Durden & Samantha Heights vs Mad Man Pondo & Crazy Mary Dobson

KG subtitled this match The Stange and Real Life Couples of Wrestling
The brute force of the monsters Durden & Pondo matched with the beauty and high flying abilities of Heights & Dobson made this match like no other.  I watch Pondo introduce Durden’s… testicular area to his friend the staple gun.

Pondo met multiple sledgehammer blows from the fists of the giant Jake Durden.  The ladies also kept the action flowing.  Heights hit Pondo with a perfect frogsplash.  But Dobson wouldn’t be outdone when she sent Durden out of the ring with an over the top rope Frankensteiner.  The JCW original team of Pondo & Dobsn took the win with a Destroyer to Durden form the the Crazy One.

Match 3 Triple Threat

  • Chuey Martinez vs Mosh Pit Mike vs JCW favorite Rude Boy

You know it’s going to be a bloody bash when the first things you see brought into the ring are bats and hockey sticks wrapped in barbed wire.  But the story of this match had to be the rivalry of Rude Boy & Mosh Pit Mike.  Following Mikes win from the previous night Rude Boy was out for vengence.

This bloodbath started with Chuey and his chain opening the faces of both of his opponents.  It didn’t tak long for Mosh Pit to grab the barbed wire hockey stick and open Rude Boy’s face. Using a metal crutch borrowed from a fan in the front row, Rude Boy took someof his aggresions out on Martinez while the official tried to untangle the barbed wire hockey stick from Mosh Pit Mike’s hair. Chuey Martinez took Mosh Pit Mike out with a suplex on the metal ramp only yo recieve tha big elbow from Rude Boy, aloowing Rudy to make the pinfall for the win.


Match 4 JCW Tag Team Championship Match

  • Super Strong Tiger & Spider Monkey vs JCW Tag Tem Champs The Ring Rydas

Ryda Red & Ryda Blue work so perfectly together the Ryda Kung Fu magic was in the air. Super Strong Tiger  and Spider Mokey used their teamwork to create amazing catapults and Super Bombs.

Spider Monkey’s agility amazed the crowd with  a Round and Round on Ryda Blue followed by a double kick up by both athletes.  Action left the ring and into the crowd  when Tiger and Red took to street fight tactics.
In a ruthless attempt for the win Super Strong Tiger Power Bombed Ryda Blue on the Steel Ramp, taking Blue out of commission.  A super bomb and three count on Ryda Red sealed the win for Super Strong Tiger & Spider Monkey!Congratulations on their first JCW Championship win

Lumberjack Match

  • Ruff Crossing vs The Weedman

The entire JCW roster plus the wonderful people that paid for the VIP charity package had the opprotunity to beat the poor oipponent unfortunate enough to leave the ring before forcing them back in.

This was a total power match with Weedman throwing strong shoulder tackles and clothes lines.  The dirty cowboy, Ruff Crossing, wrapped his cowbell rope around the neck of  Weedman cutting off his air way.  When that didn’t work, Ruff Crossing used a modified belly to belly  suplex.  That was countered by a super kick from Weedman.   A final Tombstone from Ruff Crossing almost took Weedman out of their game.  BUT one last superkick opened Weedman’s opportunity to make the pin for a three count and the win.

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