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Happy New Year everyone! This is the newest news ninja Hormel Jay! I will be posting here and there but mostly on the website here. So thank you for taking your time to read this. I look forward to making posts on here. So here it is, my New Years Evil 9 review!

I have met Twiztid before for the first time at Gathering 16 and I was stoked as hell when I met them. Now I bought the VIP Ticket package that Majik Ninja Entertainment had done and I’m glad I bought it because it was well worth it. I’d definitely pay another 120 bucks for me to meet them. I got there right before it was going to pour down rain because check in time was at 2 pm eastern time. The night before, I received an email from Twiztid Shop saying my name was on the VIP list and then the morning of NYE 9 I got a call to confirm the check in time and to be there at 2. I get there and there is a line all ready there for the VIP. While waiting in the cold, some ninja let me wear her hoodie until we got inside for the meet and greet. They also were passing out hand warmers. I don’t remember her name but thank you for lending me your hoodie!

After an hour or so of waiting, they let all the VIPs in and it was real smooth with how Majik Ninja Ent. got their meet and greets down. First I started off at Twiztid’s booth and got to talk to them and got my picture taken with them as well. Next in-line was G-Mo Skee and I was excited to meet him as well. His enthusiasm on the stage and the way his music sounds, is definitely why I really like his music. Next in the line we have Lex the Hex Master and it was awesome to meet him and chat. Even caught him wandering around the crowd and got him to give Juggalo News a shout-out was great. Then the last person at the end of the line was Blaze Ya Dead Homie and he was telling a story about him and his brother playing the drums upstairs and Blaze was rapping down stairs. And how his brother is always trying to make music with him. The whole VIP experience made my night until I went inside for the show.

Of course being VIP they let us in early and after my ass ate some Chinese food I ordered, I was frantically looking for someone who had a phone charger and at the Al Rosa Villa, the people there are down to earth. Letting me use their charger and into save the day was a MNE crew member who went out and got his USB charger cord from his car. Thanks again, Vinny! So going to the photograph ninja Josh Ulridge, he let me use his base so I can charge my phone.

The first act was Columbus, Ohio and Native World Inc own, Villainz. Their hype man came out as a drunken Santa Claus with a bag full of presents that he tossed out to the crowd. I got a package and it was sax-o-phone whistles and this ninja and his wife got a small mason jar. So that was funny as fuck. Then Insane E performed and I got to say, he is another artist that holds it down when he performs up on the stage. Soon after was another group Menace 2 Sobriety. They know how to rock the stage and with as many people they had up on that small stage, they brought it hardcore as they always do.

Now time for the Majik Ninja Entertainment artist… First to the stage was Young Wicked and playing songs from his Slaughter House  album, the crowd was definitely feeling him and I too enjoyed seeing him perform. Then he performed a song or two from Vengeance and ninjas, I got to say his new album is fresh as fuck.  Also he snuck in some of that Kill Joy Club music too. Then next on stage was Lex the Hex Master and he rocked it as he all ways does. Then the act I was really looking forward to was G-MO SKEE!!! That’s right. Him and his hype-man Nick, rocked the stage and brought the house down! He also called out some other ninjas that he fucks with. He performed a few songs from his album My Filthy Spirit Bomb. So I definitely can’t wait to see him again in concert!

Now… Now next to the stage was BLAZE YE DEAD MOTHER FUCKIN’ HOMIE!! And man did he rock some old school shit and new stuff from The Casket Factory. All around he put on another good set. Now for the main event… THE FREAKTASTLESS SHOW!!! My wig was blown off. They rocked the stage and for all the ninjas who weren’t there and saw their set through our Facebook page, then yaaay! But for the ninjas who was there, they rocked it, right?! Had Mike Myers on stage and Jason on the stage. The drummer from the band The Wickedness and I got to say, please bring back the rest of the band! Cause it was bad ass when you had the whole band with ya! Haha! Anyways, they performed both albums to the fullest! Also, I met up with JN’s very own Ravenlette! And we kicked it and had a blast doing the whole scha-bang! Now its time to wrap it up. Again I wanna thank The Foot for asking me to be back on the Juggalo News staff. Its been an honor to post my review and I hope you like it! Until next time… SHITDIICK!!

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