Metro Times Detroit: Ask a Juggalo!

Metro Times Detroit has released their latest “Ask a Juggalo”column. This week’s column question is being answered by

In this column, answers the question, What’s the difference between ‘much clown love’ and ‘much family love’? If you would like to send a question in to be answered, you can do so by emailing

From Metro Times Detroit:

Q: Is there a difference between “much clown love” and “much family love”?

A: No. I would consider them both the same thing. I would look at “much family love” as a more recent or a more current way of showing your affiliation or appreciation. I personally choose “much clown love,” and still, to this day, I’ll use it. Or I will say it quite often as a greeting or as a goodbye. “Much family love” just came around later, looking at the whole Juggalo world as a family. To me, it would be the same thing. Maybe if you were talking to one particular person, you might prefer “much clown love” or if you were talking to a group of people you might say “much family love” — but to me, they both mean the same thing. “Much clown love” would just be a much more vintage look at things — the original way of showing your appreciation. “Much clown love” goes all the way back to the beginning.

Q: What are nizzles?

A: Nizzles would be your nutsack, man. Straight up: your testicles, your little fun bags of joy.

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