Merry Clutchmas Review From Mankini

First things first, if you’ve never been to the 930 Club in DC, do yourself a favor and get there! It is a historic venue that has seen so many of the greats come through. Musicians that play stadiums and arenas have graced this stage! And that’s not too discredit any other musicians who may not perform at those kinds of venues, just a little nod to the status of the Club. 

Now, getting in I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sold out Clutch show, in the hometown, at 930 Club, pure chaos or manageable rowdiness? Well, let me tell you, It was packed to the brim. I know I said sold out, and that should be the first indicator of the capacity, but still, I’ve been to sold-out shows before, this was PACKED. It wasn’t hard to navigate, as everyone was pleasantly drunk, and more than willing to let people through, not so common at other shows. Speaking of the drunk thing, I’m fairly certain that this crowd CLEANED HOUSE, seriously. I watched so many people double and triple fisting, and stacking beers to no end. I mention this because in most cases, this would probably be a recipe for disaster, fights and outright belligerence. But, it’s Clutch, and everyone here is family, and it’s always seemed to be that way at a Clutch show.

Now, for those of you new to Clutch, they’re a combination of Alt Metal, Rockabilly, GoGo (more on that later), and Blues. Their lots of fun, and high energy like no other.

Speaking on GoGo, its the DC area music, it originated here in DC, and for the most part, stays in the area, except for MD and VA (also known as the DMV). Out here, GoGo has been a cultural and historical mainstay for decades. It is the music of the city and is the music of black culture in our city. For those that may not know, Clutch played as a GoGo band called the Small Upsetters (wink wink) and opened for DC GoGo Legends, Rare Essence. 

Before Clutch even comes out, there’s an intro track playing through the club. None other then Chuck Brown’s (DC GoGo Godfather) ‘We Need Some Money.” Outcomes Clutch comes out swinging with “You Can’t Stop Progress.” Instantly the crowd (myself included) just began dancing uncontrollably to the jam, and that’s how you kick off a show! I’m fairly certain this is the only way you should start a show, but I’m biased here in DC.

They played through a lot of their albums, with some serious throwback in the middle of the set, when they broke out ‘Rats’ from their first album!! I wasn’t the only one to lose it when I heard it, as the 930 club erupted! it is a definite favorite of mine, and not one I’ve gotten too hear personally live, in a long time. 

The encore kicked off with the introduction of one of the GoGo players onto the bongos (of whom I couldn’t even hear the name of, because at this point everyone WAS SUPER HAMMERED and yelling, but in good fun). And then introduced a local brass horn section!! Shit got crazy!!! 
They closed the evening with their cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Fortunate Son’ and we ALL went crazy, and the 930 club turned into the rowdiest dance hall for several minutes.
It was a great night, one to remember. And I encourage you all, whenever you have the chance, too go see Clutch!

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