Madchild added to Shazam Stage Lineup

The latest announcement for the SoopaGathering is in! Making his return….

BattleAxe Warriors stand up and raise your axes high as the Juggalo hero Madchild returns to rock GOTJ like only he can! Forging a strategic and devastating alliance with the infamous Suburban Noize Records, this Canadian MC is here to invade and claim the Gathering in the name of all Juggalos as he takes his rightful place amid the late-night freshness of the Shazam Stage! Performing all the street bangers you know and love, the Hatchet proudly presents the one and only BattleAxe, here to wreck shop with a show that can only be described as a mixture of lyrical skill and straight-up insanity. He is the mad one…the only…Madchild!

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