Lette of the Month: Mad Butterfly

Introduce yourself to the Juggalos. What should they know about you?

Usually the chick you find chilling in the background, I just like to take it all in and go with the vibes. I am a wife and mother of two above all else, but when I’m not doing that I’m attending school full time. Hopefully the school struggle will result in my certification in Dental Assisting and/or an Associates in Arts. Two years down – Two to go, but definitely only up from here!

Can you tell the Juggalos a few things about your shop and how you got started?

My shop is a funky little place with a little bit of everything for everyone! Everything I do started as hobby. I took about 60 necklaces to the Gathering in 2014 just to see what would happen and this is when The Mad Butterfly was fully born. I got to kick it that year with the beautifully talented, Rachel Paul. Just getting to talk with her, observe her business sense, and just experience her greatness really helped inspire me to do bigger things and branch out even though I was still on the bottom level. That was something that has paid off for my business. I’m so grateful for that experience and the inspiration that she pasted on to me those few days.


How long have you been pursuing it as a career? Are you planning on continuing it after you complete college courses??

My online shop received its first order in August of 2014, so it’s been around 18 months since I’ve been up and running the official business. As long as my profits stay above my expenses and people keep enjoying what I’m doing, who knows where it will take me. The key to everything in life is balance. Right now it’s extra to keep the lights burning but if it starts digging me into hole, I gotta bounce out!

You also do a lot of photography in your spare time. How did you get into that??

I’ve just always been attracted to photography, how it allows us to capture feelings and intensities of moments. Every photo has a different experience for every viewer, one perception may not be another’s. I remember getting an over exposed picture of me and two of my friends when we were teenagers. (Before digital everything, lol) The pictures on the camera where taken over a year time and something about seeing all those experiences in one warped collage of memories had me hooked.


What was the first ICP song you ever heard?

12 from The Riddle Box, I was in middle school and had just learned who KMK was. I was talking to a friend about it and they were like no shit, then you got to hear these guys! It’s been on like donkey kong ever since.

How were you introduced to Juggalos?

Friend above was a small taste…Nothing compared to the Juggalo Family! Five years ago was my first real experience with what Family meant to the Juggalo community. My husband, Jason is the person who introduced me to thousands of strangers that instantly became family and the beautiful Dark Carnival, the Gathering truly changed me forever.

How many Gatherings have you attended?

I have attended 3, starting with 2012. Unfortunately 2015 brought a lot of hell, so things just weren’t in the cards to make it. We’ve had a few blessings in the past few months, so we’ve already got the reserve ready for tickets to 2016! We vow to never miss another!


Do you have a favorite Gathering memory?

The last night of 2013 was just beautiful oblivion and of coarse 2012’s Cheech and Chong performance are just among a few of the highlights!

Besides ICP, what is your favorite underground artist?

Prozak, hands down. His music speaks to me in a way I’ve just never felt in an artist before. Even back to the PDM days, just something about the words resonate with a lot of my own personal demons. I suppose that’s why I have such an appreciation for his music.

Favorite Faygo flavor?

Grape, hands down the best grape pop as well!

Batman vs. Superman who wins?

Batman! No reasoning or arguing required, it’s just Batman! Superman’s a pussy!


Are there any charity events you are involved in or that you like to support?

I volunteer with my children’s school to help with events and classroom functions. My son’s Cub Scout pack also volunteers at the local nursing homes and community based events. We donate to the local food banks and homeless shelters when we have the resources. Above all, I try to pay it forward somehow every day and set that kind of example for my children.

What does being a juggalette mean to you?

Being the best person you can within the moment, grabbing control of your destiny and running with it for all its worth! You gotta hold it down with grace in the moments when it’s time to shine, but also never be afraid to bust the heads of those who stand in your way!


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