Byrd family, Owners of Carl’s Tavern, lose home in fire


Some of you may already know about Carl’s Tavern in New Haven, IN. If you don’t, and you’re ever in Indiana, you should def check it out. It’s HANDS DOWN one of the coolest Juggalo bars/venues I’ve ever been to. The owners, Nettie and Davis are some of the kindest, most loving juggalos you’ll ever meet.

That being said, my heart is broken for the Byrd family right now. Last night, one week before Christmas, their house caught on fire. Fortunately, their bedrooms and their youngest daughter’s bedroom was mostly safe. However their other two girls lost most everything.

If anyone is able to donate to this Christmas cause. Please follow the link below. If you’re not able to donate, I ask that you please share this post. Never know who will see your share.

Thank you to everyone of our followers. Happy holidays, guys.

– Lady Rome

You can Donate Here!

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