Juggalo Yacht Club shares official details for Third Annual JYC Wine Mixer

Our friends over at the Juggalo Yacht Club have quickly become known for hosting one of the hottest parties of the summer over the past couple years, and with this year’s mixer taking place at the 20th Gathering, expect nothing less than greatness with the Third Annual JYC Wine Mixer: Weekend at Yachtie’s!

Here’s what they had to say over on their official Facebook page:

WHO IS READY FOR THIS YEARS’ JYC Wine mixer AT Gathering of the Juggalos 20!?

🗣”Weekend at Yachties”🗣

Hosted by – Ouija Macc, Lyte, Big Hoodoo, and the JYC.
Step out of the ocean of juggalos and into the Kapow Club for the 3rd annual Juggalo Yacht Club Wine Mixer so we can take it back to the “beach” and get back to what the mixer is all about. Having a blast, meeting new people, and mingling with other juggalos… but don’t think we forgot the entertainment… win yourself a trophy during the Faygo chugging contest, or the “How low can you juggalo” limbo contest! And Joining us for our voyage this year we’ve got Psychopathics own Ouija, Hoodoo, and Lyte plus a few special surprises! As always the drinks are on us, and we plan on leaving bodies on the beach like a 1989 comedy flick! Your name might not be Bernie but you’re going to feel like he did! but wait there’s more, hungry juggalos we didn’t forget about you. No beach party is complete without a BBQ! We can’t wait to see all of your faces at the 20th annual gathering for this bash!

I’ll be there! Will YOU??

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