Juggalo Show 09/27 Recap by Shoeless; Hallowicked info; Ruby and Snake Busters

What up all!?

So in case you missed it. Last night’s juggalo show Jumpsteady was otherwise busy with some other project. The show must go on and the Duke of The Wicked, Rudy, Kegan, and Ruby Bruce were all wide open.
Ruby appeared at first as her Furry counterpart Quillow. Rudy, and VJ got into discussing this year’s 25th hallowicked going down in Detroit. VJ spoke on being sick the year prior, and doing other shows while under the weather, or even something as serious as pneumonia, and being Psyched to do this year’s show, and upcoming tour (fingers crossed) healthy this year! Rudy commented on the tour taking to the road next week so juggalos keep an eye out for the Clowns to roll into a city near you. VJ also mentioned that things are going to be a little different this time in that ICP is the only act on the tour. Well, that is other than the ever popular Clownvis!
Ruby then explained Furry culture to the staff present on Psy radio and those listening in, and told everyone how they have conventions and even other subcultures within the community. VJ talked about his involvement with supporting Ruby, in that he has a furry persona as well known as Kung Fu Joe (the wolf!) Which wrapped up that segment.
The. Rudy and Kegan came back after a break talking about who the juggalos would like to see play that have not already played Hallowicked!? Hollywood Undead (which is dope in my opinion) was mentioned, Steel Panther, and the Suicide Boys, among others…
Ruby and VJ came back and they played Ruby’s new song called Me, about anti bullying. Followed up by an all new Snake Buster’s!
Pretty soon after they rolled into the Ruby Bruce audiostory about her breaking her arm skiing, and all she went through with that, as well as being inspired by her pet cat that has a disability, and sweetly shrugged off her own problem(s) in regards to the injury. Talk about tough… And to add to that VJ was talking about the torture we all go through as parents when something beyond our control happens to our kid’s. Learning from our kid’s and how different sometimes our kid’s experiences can be from our own.
On that note I’m going to close family. Close my weary eyes. 2 whoops and MCL!!!


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