Juggalo Show 03/14 Recap; First bits of Gathering info

Tonight on the Juggalo Show we had almost an ENTIRE EPISODE full of details pertaining to the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos: SOOPA GATHERING!

Here’s a quick rundown of everything covered tonight!

  • Winners of the Demo Jams Contest will officially kick off the Gathering at Main Stage
  • Pavilions are rentable sites, 20×40, only a few of them have power
  • Ballas sites will have power and running water, but you will not be able to see main stage; at early entry there will only be one vehicle permitted per site, however there are roads leading to the sites so other vehicles can be parked on ballas sites after general admission
  • There will be smaller ballas sites, “Bootleg Ballas”
  • Dump station will only be available on the way in and on the way out
  • Mini DCG Con at DCG Pavilion, Daily tournaments during firstthree days with Master’s Tournament on Day 4; all the usual games, Noon-4AM
  • Zug Izland will be performing their 2003 Psychopathic Records debut album Cracked Tiles in it’s ENTIRETY!
  • Active radio broadcast station on site, will be used for W-FUCKOFF, as well as updates and announcements
  • Psychopathic All-Star Experience exclusive amulet is Flip the Rat
  • No plans for Uncanny Stage as of yet, open to suggestions!
  • May tour is officially named FuryFest; Ouija Macc and DJ Paul added to all dates

Stay Tuned for more Soopa Gathering news!!

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