Juggalo Day 2018 (“HECKLES NIGHT”)

Juggalo Weekend

Friday 16th 2018,  a.k.a Heckles night, started off with a huge double stuffed bang thanks to the intergender JCW match that started the night off, titled “RICHIES VS SCRUBS” it was a great action packed match that was ultimately dominated by the talented “Gorgeous Greg Galaxy” and his adorable but fierce tag team partner ” Amazing Maria”, when they went up against ” The Italian Flamingo Nick Bugattia” and “His Favorite”Mazzarati, was a very intense match but in the end, they came out victorious.

I immediately took off outside after the match to catch my homie and Vegas local “Donnie Menace” open up the music stage and proceed to murder that shit. The Crowd was Feeling him and he had lots of support there, the energy he brought on stage was nothing less than fire.

Some freak show sideshow human suspension went on after his set, i missed that portion of the freak show because as I stated before there were two separate stage setups, one indoor for wrestling and one outdoor for the main performances, I caught a good amount of the second JCW match which was Booze for breakfast , “Leland Learnswell” VS “Cereal Man” it was very entertaining and full of chops, booze, cereal and body slams.

I didn’t catch who won that match, Juggalo shit happened and I ended up in the “beer garden” a sectioned off area they had for drinks outside, I had the pleasure of running into the infamous turntable scribble master DJ Clay, who shared a drink with me, along with some good conversation , he was very hyped up about this set because it was his first ever full rap set, where he didn’t just DJ, I congratulated him, we finished our drinks, then I headed out to the stage to wait for his performance. DJ Clay came in hard shaking the crowd, with hits like “addicted”, “just a song I wrote” and many more. he delivered exactly what the crowd needed and wanted, his set was one of my favorite of the entire weekend personally because it’s not often you get to see DJ Clay kill a whole fuckin set rapping, he couldn’t have killed it any harder.

I did tad bit more juggalin’ as I proceeded to make my way back to the indoor section of the venue, where I came in to see the Sideshow Carnival Match which consisted of “Sinn Bohdi” Going at it with “Chuey Martinez”, it got very bloody, they were in, out, and all around that squared circle and Sinn gave Chuey a run for his money, but he came back fierce as hell in all his bloody glory to take that W and defeat Sinn. The Crowd was going wild for Chuey and he delivered that raw shit! some more freak show excitement took place but again, i, unfortunately, missed that specific moment of it. Around this time Green Jello was getting ready to go on stage, and I ran into a few homies, including the Beautifully Deadly miss Blahzay Roze herself, who was not performing but instead just attending the event, it was refreshing to see her mingling with the Juggalos and being overall humble, she was killing it and best believe she will have new music coming out in the near future.

As Green Jello began I made my way to the front of the crowd, which took quite a while seeing as they had one of the biggest crowds of the entire weekend aside from the Insane Clown Posse. They immediately started a wreckin’ shop and turning up that old real punk rock shit, I was stupefied by the puppets they had this time which included Scottie D in a huge Faygo bottle, there was a Yacht club Zane Head puppet, a Desert Juggalos cactus puppet, a “Fvck Acetone” chimp face puppet, every joker’s card and more. Jonny Pee hit the stage rocking a Philly Scrubs shirt which was awesome to see, william killed those lyrics and the rest of the band was spectacular, by the end of the set the entire outdoor venue was a huge mosh pit and guitarist Derek Nelson himself was in the crowd shredding it while all the beautiful chaos was taking place, they definitely need to be invited to more Juggalo events. pure raw energy.

I spent most of the rest of night one mingling outside so i didn’t catch many other matches other than the main event which was the Marijuana Mayhem Match, pitting brute 66 bloody Mosh Pit Mike VS Freekshow VS Beast the Butcher VS Human Tornado… as usual the match was full of action, and everyone was getting wild as hell for this, Kevin gill was killing the commentary and DJ Carlito was keeping the sound going well.

Next up to kill the mainstage was the Psychopathic Monstar himself, LYTE, and he brought that RUSHHHH, killed it with songs like “One In A Million”, “Aint Like Us”, “Mad Real” and more, this new style he brings to the hatchet is so refreshing, very unique and something that hasn’t been done before, it’s always a good time rocking out in the crowd to his set. More freak show commenced and they did some pretty amazing stuff, I finally caught the last freak show of the night, kicking myself I missed most of it.

White Jesus, Rittz was the final act to go on before insane clown posse and he schooled it, also had the crowd going pretty wild.

now, finally the clowns came out to play, the set was 45 minutes of some of their greatest songs ever, the set was killer, they did songs off of forgotten freshness 3, they did songs off riddle box, songs off milenko, songs off bizzar…. basically they gave the Juggalos exactly what the hell we wanted and did it amazingly, it felt like they touched every era of being a Juggalo, it was one of the best sets I’ve seen in a long time, and that was just friday night. The venue was packed front to back outdoors, Faygo was flying, heads were blown back, and everybody was definitely STRAIGHT CLOWNIN!!

– Acetone boogie Aka Chimpvision

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