Juggalo Day 2015 Review and Photos

So, Juggalo Day has now come and gone this year! Originally at the ICP Seminar at the 2014 GoTJ, I was a little unsure of this years Juggalo Day, because I really loved the last two years Jokers Card format, and a free regular concert did not sound as epic as seeing AJB, CoC, or Wraith… or maybe just maybe, Wizard of the Hood live in its entirety.

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As it turned out I am so glad I went, kick ass show!  It did not look like I could even go to the show, however at the last minute – said fuck it, bought a vehicle with my tax return, scooped up a couple lettes and headed to Detroit.  We made it into town in enough time to see some old homies, eat at Church’s Chicken and score our tickets.  Huge shout out to Bluntman and Heather Marrs for hookup on tickets!  With such a last minute plan put into place, we did not make it for the movies.  I had tried to ensure I was on the photo list a few days prior like they usually want, however that must not of made it to the proper channels.  The bad part of standing out side in Detroit on juggalo day, its damn cold.  The cool part.  I seen so much food donated, from ninjas with one can, to juggalos bringing box fulls of food.

MCL to Will Sigler, and the entire Psychopathic team for putting on a amazing show.

Although not a fan of wrestling for many years, I had a blast taking pics and the hilarious commentary of JCW, matches did seem to be a little drawn out for my liking but the crowd was eating it up.

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As the wrestling ended, everyone started heading up to the gorgeous theater, this venue is amazing.  the lighting was tricky and honestly the photographer side of me is not a fan of the photos I turned out, but hopefully I get another crack at this amazing venue. Hoodoo, took the stage who is one of my favorite people to shoot, and put on a energetic set to get the crowd live!

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Trick Trick – hit the stage with a big announcement from Jumpsteady, DJ Clay and Kevin Gill.  Most people are familiar enough with the Detroit music scene to have heard of him, specially the goon squad track which was pulled out during his set.  Lot of jump backs in time in his set, and the crowd bounced a long, not your typical opener on a Clowns show, but I dig that kinda thing.

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After Trick Tricks long set – it seemed like a long delay – and had expected to see AMB – however the crew started setting up for ABK. The Hatchet Warrior hit the stage and set it a flames with his always energetic live performance.  Moving the crowd, as they spit the lyrics with him.  Never miss a ABK show if he is in your area!  Now at this point, I gotta say the security and support staff where on point, I seen them help multiple people who needed help, kept things in check that needed checked, and where on top of every issue they needed to be.  That makes a show go way better for everyone in the end.

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So I took a gopro in the event I was able to record some quick video of faygo armageddeon, not sure whats up with it, as like last show it didnt want to play nice, so you will have to check out our homies over at FaygoLuvers Heaven as the gopro Scottie rocked was on and running (I am probably in the footage way more then id like to be).  Other then this stale piece, I was able to take pics of everything without any issues other then the usual craziness of bright flashing odd colored lights with soda pop, bottles, and elbows flying everywhere.

ICP took the stage, and this was not just another show by the clowns – this was special – on top of the amazing ammount of food donated that night, I think we may have seen one of the best sets in quite some time!   Play with Me and Take me Home where huge highlights – Sugar Slam joined in on the Take Me Home track.  Check out all the amazing pics below.

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Thanks Daizy Sims and Billie Romanovich for going with. Huge thanks to Kevin Jones and Heather Marrs on the ticket hook ups. Will Sigler who I’ll never be able to thank enough! The photo pit ninjas.. Noone else id rather bump elbows with, Nik Wlzak, Scott Donihoo, Cheryl Bryan, and Josh Ulrich. But most importantly did you see that pile of donated food? Thanks to all who donated, from the one can ninjas to the people carrying in cases of food. Huge turn out for what’s important.

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