Juggalette of the Month: Brittany

You have an amazing talent for makeup. How long have you been practicing your art?

I have been painting off and on since high school. Makeup has always been a passion of mine. It was about two years ago I decided to take a more serious approach with it.

What inspired you to be a makeup artist?

I don’t think it was really an inspiration but more a realization that just made sense to do what I enjoy.


What is your favorite piece, from your work?

I feel like as I progress I get new favorites along the way. One piece I have always loved is a black and white sugar skull I did. I made a challenge for myself that night and I really enjoyed the results.

How long does a typical session take?

When I first started it would take 7 hours! Now I can typically get it done in 3 to 4. From time to time I like to challenge myself and only give myself an hour to see what I come up with.


What does being a juggalo mean to you?

I have always stood firmly behind a juggalo means being you, accepting yourself and not being bothered by the opinions of others. Anyone can judge someone but everyone has a story to tell.

Batman or superman?

Always Batman


Do you gather?

In all my juggalo years I have never gathered! Haven’t ruled it out yet though.

What albums/songs are you bumping the most, right now?

I have a pretty wide variety of music I listen to. I don’t ever get stuck on just one genre or artist too long.


Do you paint anything other than faces?

I have painted faces down to the chest. When I worked at a haunt for Halloween I also did details on the nails and hands. I would love to do a big full body project, definitely not ruling anything out.



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