Juggalette of the Month Tarah

Juggalette of the Month Tarah

What is up everyone? It is your boy Hormel Jay with Juggalette of the Month Tarah! It is honor to being able to do this, so let me introduce to you Juggalette of The Month, Tarah Katonah! Now Tarah is a avid photographer and an avid Wolfdog rescuer, who enjoys training these pups and is very passionate about wanting to help them. So Tarah thank you for letting me interview. If you would tell everyone how you became associated with helping out Wolfdogs?


Hey Jay, thanks for having me! Sure, I’d love too! I first interacted with a Wolfdog when I was 15 years old. I assisted an elderly lady that quite frankly had far too many and numerous times they would escape and there were a lot of issues that followed. Continuous legal matters, visits from local animal control and very concerned neighbors that hadn’t taken the time to meet the animals. I could only do labor intensive jobs to help build proper containment, help look from them before animal control found them and thus the situation would be over. I saw that there was no help for her from Sanctuaries and they actually turned into her worst enemies. Then over the years I have seen other similar things happen and I couldn’t stand by. I began to act, get involved with the community and giving a place for people to come too.

Wow, sounds like a lot of work. And did you take any of these Wolfdogs home? And do you still continue to work with those animal sanctuaries?

No, I have never kept one of my rescues for different reasons. Not anything having to do with the animals, they are typically young Wolfdogs that end up being too much for people and are then relinquished. It takes an unlimited amount of time to be with even one Wolfdog with substantial content. Some rescues may not adapt well to my Ambassador/Model/Acting training because they are far too shy and all sorts of other factors that are in play. I am not affiliated with any government licensed sanctuary because of my approach to Wolfdogs. Many are very strictly against ownership while I am a supporter of educated, experienced and responsible ownership in legal areas.

I see. Well its still good that you try to help them out and what not. So on your profile it says you are a model, how did you get into whole thing?

You are right, I am a model! I found I was curious about modeling after a couple of years taking photos of animals and nature. I first wanted photos taken with my dogs and I thought developed into more.


How long have you been a model?

I started in 2014 sporadically but more steadily in 2015 to present.


Juggalette of the Month TarahOkay cool. So let’s get to the jest of things… How long have you been down with the clown?

I dare say my memory isn’t sharp enough to remember a year but in the early 2000’s is when I was introduced through a friend’s older sibling. So roughly 13 years or so?

Okay cool. So you at least been to a Gathering since then haven’t you?

No sadly, I actually have not been able to personally attend. Wolfdogs, financial situations have led me to ultimately only be able to experience it through my friends. I have a buddy that goes almost every year and will stream live videos of the shows, concerts, etc while he is in the crowd enjoying it. The quality isn’t always great, sometimes I cannot hear anything. It sounds completely odd and unorthodox but it is better than just seeing photos and hearing about it. Travel really is not an option with Wolfdogs in my life, every Wolfdog owner eventually comes to terms with this reality.


I see. Well since you haven’t been to any gatherings or what not, have you been to any shows recently?

Sure have, captured a Twiztid show last year! Had one of the best times ever, Davey Suicide put me on their guest list thanks to some great friends and got to just hang out. It was cool just to have a more laid back experience instead of being right up front like I was for most of the events in previous years.

That must have been cool to be on the guest list. So have you heard of any Twiztid’s new music or ICP’s new stuff?

It certainly was a different experience and a first for me as well!! I have kept tabs and listen in my car or while I am on the PC. I know that very recently Twiztid dropped a new album, I have yet to hear that one due to a hectic schedule. Have heard only but good things so I am looking forward to listening to it thoroughly from beginning to end. I will admit I have taken a backseat within the past few years due to the rising tensions, but I do stay up to date with events, happening’s and whatnot that have and are happening with all the artists.

Yeah, it’s crazy how all this shit is going down. So what is your favorite ICP album?

Yeah, crazy is one word for it! It certainly is very different for me to see the divisions that are being created. A lot different than 10 years ago and I like kind of being ‘stuck’, so to speak, in that mindset. I remember special Faygo being passed around, constant chanting…the atmosphere has changed since then. I saw a huge change here in Denver at the Bang Pow Boom show. I got punched in the face by a guy and saw a woman get trampled protecting her child while a couple of guys were fighting. Not giving a shit that there was a small kid. It broke my heart, I think is all I can say. Oooh, that’s definitely a hard one. It’s a toss up between Riddlebox, Shangri-la and Bizzar honestly. Bang Pow Boom is my favorite from their newer stuff, which now isn’t so new. Lol.

 Juggalette of the Month Tarah
Right. Well 10 years ago, Twiztid was still with Psy and I think the 2nd Joker card’s deck wasn’t even thought of. Speaking of shows, what is all time favorite show?

Yeah, I just wish that my family would look at this as our family expanding and growing more so than split and at odds with one another. There should be no sides to a family, at least by the words of the artists when I was first captured by their songs. My favorite show was probably the All Stars Tour. I think what makes that stand out to me was….they all are All-Stars and even had a surprise set of ICP, who wasn’t mentioned, popping out and giving us a few songs at the end. It was fucking fresh as fuck!

Right. Well I think that will do it for now. Is there anything else you’d like to say or add?

I do have something, take it as you will but simply want to just give Juggalos some food for thought. I want everyone reading this now, the artists as well, to go back and truly listen to the albums before all of this drama….and consider of you are representing those values today. We wouldn’t be where we are without the foundations and I believe many need a refresher on what it means to be scrubby ass, fucking weirdo that found their place among family. Just a moment to step back and feel the message, the energy. . .if it doesn’t mean anything because of what is ensuing right now….I dare say that is where the problem lies. Ego…adrenaline…and adrenaline sadly ‘who’s better than who’ is fueling this and taking us away from the overall picture. We are completely defeating ourselves in so many ways. How will we ever truly win against our FBI gang status if we are threatening ‘the other side’ with violence. That is just playing into the system and it deeply saddens me. We need to rise above and this is not the path that will bring any one of us happiness. We found peace within the ‘chaos’ of our family and now…it’s just utter chaos. Reflection….we need to get back to our roots or we are doomed to never feel that family love again. Money wasn’t supposed to come between us, but it ultimately has. Now it’s how we move on from here that matters and I hope the hate that I am damn sure many of us didn’t fucking see…will stop.


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