Juggalette of the Month: Lesley

So what time of the month is it!?!  Yes its time for Lette of the Month. When we sit down, read whats on the mind of a true lette, and check out a few of her pictures. This month we talked to Lesley

Questions are picked from what you ninjas send in. Feel free to hit up our facebook page and drop us a message if there is something you would like us to ask a Lette, or Artist in a interview: http://fb.com/juggalonews


1. How did you get into creating pink pandemonium?

I used to always make jewelry and accessories for myself throughout high school. After I graduated I kind of went ape shit with the crafting, basically making all sorts of custom earrings, purses and hair accessories to wear. People would ask me about them all the time, like whether I sold them or not (which at the time I didn’t, it was just something I did for myself). I eventually found out about Etsy, and I created my online store in 2008. I named it Pink Pandemonium after a scene in the Purple Show; for some reason my sis Kali and I always loved that part and thought it would be a dope name for a company lol. 7 years later Pink Pandemonium is still going strong and I have a lot of support from so many amazing people! I LOVE taking custom orders and I specialize in Juggalo Jewelry as well as making kick ass horror accessories with a cute twist to them.


You can check out the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PinkPandemoniumAccessories


2. What was your first gathering experience?

My first Gathering experience was in 2010 at Cave in Rock. I basically felt like I FINALLY made it, after so many years of never being able to go. Cali juggalo struggles lol. That year is kind of a blur to me because it meshes with 2011 a lot for some reason. But I do remember my highlights from that year. Two of which are meeting some down as Juggalos from Australia (shout outs to Scott Bloodstepp and Deanne Bulmer, Ryan and I love you two!). Also, Ryan, Kali and I shared an unforgettable experience with Ron Jeremy haha. Good times.

3. Who exactly came up with the POJ idea?

To be honest I’m not even sure lol. This has actually been an ongoing debate in our group. It’s between Amy, Kali and my hubs Ryan who helped them get pictures at the 2009 Gathering. No one can come to an agreement lol. But Killette (Amy) is behind the majority of POJ. She runs all of our social media pages and we are all currently working on getting a logo done, yay!

Check out the PoJ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PassedOutJuggalos


4. Favorite Jokers card?

Amazing Jeckel Brothers. That’s my card.

5. Favorite horror movie? And why?

I can’t pick just one lol, horror is my life besides Juggalo shit. I can name some of my top favies though. My #1 absolute favorite is Evil Dead 2. I am also a HUGE Re-Animator fan. I also have to put the Exorcist in this category as well; that is the only horror movie that has ever scared the fucking shit out of me as a child lol. I straight had possession nightmares. Also, BRAIN DAMAGE. I can’t even leave that one out, Frank Henenlotter is the shit. Last but not least I can’t forget my love for Freddy, ANOES 1 and 3 are my favorites from the series.

Also Halloween2K I’m Done Now Sorry.


6. If you could only eat one food for a year what would you pick?

Does Mongolian BBQ count? If not, then Pizza is my fav. Also Hash browns. I love Hash browns.


8. How did you get into ICP/ underground music?

An ex that I dated for less than a month in High School lol. I over heard him listening to ICP on the phone one night, I asked him what it was and he brought me the CD the next day to listen to. I fell in fucking love with it. We only went out for a short time, when we broke up he had left the school but came back for a brief period and we went out for another week. By then he wasn’t even interested in ICP anymore and was all about the Thizz Latin Mac Dre movement haha. I often wonder what he would think if he saw how immersed I am in this now. That dude changed my life in an unexpected way. I love being a Juggalo.


9. Favorite non psy/strange/majikninja artist?

Again I can’t pick just one lol, so here are a few that I love: Metallica, The Doors, Necro, Cage, Kool Keith, Pantera, DOWN (anything Phil Anselmo does actually).

10. Batman or Superman?






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