Juggalette of the Month: Roxxi Red

All pictures provided by Roxxi Red, and any watermarks can be seen on the images   1. So you have your Roxxi Red page and I know you do local shows. Is singing something you are pursuing as a full time career? I would love to pursue this as a full time career, but it’s […]

All pictures provided by Roxxi Red, and any watermarks can be seen on the images


1. So you have your Roxxi Red page and I know you do local shows. Is singing something you are pursuing as a full time career?

I would love to pursue this as a full time career, but it’s so hard to make a living from it. I wish I had realized the potential to make an actual career out of this when I was younger. Now I work at a restaurant, and DJ to make ends meet, and I am also model on the side, but music remains my main focus. I’m currently working on my bachelor’s degree in Music Business from Full Sail University and that takes up the majority of my time. I figure that if things do work out with my music, I will have the knowledge and training to run my own career and start my own label. If not, I will still be working in the music industry, ideally in artist development or music festival planning, and performing at local venues on the side.

2. How long have you been pursuing it as a career?

I guess I’ve technically been pursuing it my whole life in one way or another. I started college as a music education major but all they wanted to teach was opera and I had already been doing that for so many years that I didn’t want to do it anymore. Then I worked in musical theatre for several years which I LOVED and miss a lot, but I guess it wasn’t until probably 2012 when I got signed that I started performing popular music and living more of a musician’s starving artist lifestyle. It’s funny how that works.

3. Do you write your own songs? If so can you tell us a little about the creative process?

I do write my own songs however when left to my own devices with a guitar and a pad of paper they often come out very dark, with kind of an Evanescence or Ani DiFranco vibe. My producer has to help guide me away from that a little and once I get on track I can run with it. He lives in Nashville so he’ll call me on Skype with his guitar and we’ll spend all day working on one song, me on the lyrics and melody and him on the instrumentation. We must make a good team because Sony bought my song Ink a couple months back. But they also contracted him so now I’m in the market for a new producer lol every one I’ve tried to work with gives me straight rap beats and as a vocalist I can only do so much with them.


4. Do you play any instruments?

I was first chair alto saxophone all through middle and high school. I was also in the marching band, first with the sax and then on the drum line. Don’t even get me started on the jokes I had to endure being the band camp ginger around the time American Pie came out. But I wasn’t allowed to watch R rated movies so I didn’t get the joke and just kept right on telling band camp stories… I also play a little piano and taught myself guitar.

5. Are you using an agent or are you doing it on your own?

I was signed to the hip-hop label XRECORDS/Malaco Music Group for 2 years and even though I am no longer with them I have nothing but love for my old team. Now I’m doing it on my own and it’s a hell of a lot harder because I don’t have someone financially backing me anymore, but I also have complete freedom when it comes to my music. I can make what I want instead of being molded into what a label wants me to be. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

6. Do you have any advice for others that might be interested in getting into the field?

Don’t sell out. It’s really easy to lose yourself in the hype, or to lose sight of the line between yourself and your stage persona. I’ve seen a lot of people forget that and that’s how monsters like Kanye West happen. Work hard, keep your friends close, be open to new opportunities and network, network, network. Every situation you are in you need to look at as a networking opportunity. Who you know can take you far in this industry.


7. What was the first ICP song you ever heard?

I wasn’t introduced to ICP until after I got out of high school. This guy was like “hey listen to this song it’s so funny” and put on the Neden Game, so technically that was the first one I heard. But after I dropped him off he forgot his CD in my car and I didn’t have any others on me so I just let it play… I remember Boogie Woogie Wu came on and something about it just caught my attention hardcore and I played it on repeat for like the next 4 days lol I had never been exposed to that kind of music before because I was such a sheltered kid, I don’t think I even heard any rap music other than Gangster’s Paradise and Space Jam until I got to high school. I don’t know, something about ICP just spoke to me when I first heard it and I was hooked for life.

8. How were you introduced to juggalos?

I’ve been down since 2004 and got my hatchetman tattoo in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2009 that I actually met any other juggalos and I found them through MySpace lol I had just moved to the city by myself and didn’t know a single person there so I ended up hanging out with this lette I met on MySpace and she introduced me to this huge group of juggalos in the area. They were so welcoming and it was crazy because I suddenly had this instant group of friends who are still my best friends today. As a teenager I worked really hard to maintain this preppy sorority girl cheerleader image that my family wanted for me and it just didn’t fit me at all so I can’t even explain to you how amazing it felt to be around people who actually understood me for once in my life. Totally life changing.

9. How many Gatherings have you attended?

Just two, 2013 and 2015. For several years this guy I used to date kept promising to take me and then would find an excuse right before it was time to go. So in 2013 I said screw him and went anyway. I’ll never miss another one, that’s for sure.


10. Do you have a favorite Gathering memory?

Oh gosh I don’t even know how to pick just one, it’s all so amazing. The Tech show my first year was absolutely mind blowing for… several reasons lol but I’m a huge Tech fan and that was the first time I’d ever seen him live so that was great. Also anything I did that involved my girl April Butler, bouncing on an inflatable couch with Randy Atkins, taking topless beer bongs with this awesome ninjette I met this year Kimeko, and getting matching Chubby 3 Fingers tattoos with Kimeko and this other awesome chick I met this year, Jessica. My birthday also fell on the night of the ICP show this year so that was pretty epic.

11. Besides ICP, what is your favorite underground artist?

I was introduced to Tech about a year or two before I started listening to ICP and have always been a huge fan, I probably listen to him more than anything else and I think my friends get annoyed by it lol other than him I like a lot of the Strange Music artists, particularly Stevie Stone, Mayday, and Prozak, and I also really like Hopsin, AMB, and Dope D.O.D. I didn’t start getting into Twiztid much until the past few years actually, but now I listen to a lot of them too.

12. Favorite Faygo flavor?

Candy Apple and Cotton Candy. It’s funny because I absolutely refused to try the Cotton Candy because the idea of a cotton candy flavored soda seemed absolutely disgusting to me, but someone convinced me at this year’s gathering and now it’s my favorite.

13. Batman vs. Superman who wins?

I gotta go with Batman. For no real reason other than he is a badass and I think Superman looks like a little bitch.

14. Are there any charity events you involved in?

I’m really involved with the JDRF, I do the walks every year to raise money for juvenile diabetes research and help DJ the events at no cost. I’ve also helped host vacation bible schools both locally and overseas, and I’ve done work with the March Of Dimes and the local humane society. I really enjoy giving back where I can.

15. What does being a juggalette mean to you?

To me being a juggalette is about loving yourself and embracing your individuality instead of conforming to societal norms, and not giving a fuck about whether anybody else likes it or not. It’s about doing what you want, accepting the uniqueness of others, and loving every moment of your wicked ass life.

Listen to Roxxi Red here:

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