Juggalette of the Month: Kitten Envy

It’s that time of the month again. No. Not that time of the month. I’m talking about the time of the month where we show case some of the hottest females in the Juggalo scene. True, most juggalettes are both beautiful inside and out. If we could there would be a photo shoot with each and every one of the lettes lo’s drool over. Let’s face it. We just had to narrow it down to who we personally thought were the right ones to feature here. To us, to be Juggalette Of the month, you have to be special.

Name: Kitten Envy
Age: 22

Facebook Page: Kitten Envy


How did you first get into the wicked shit?:

My police officer father showed me ICP, and it was Piggy Pie.

Who are your favorite artists to listen to in your car or around the house?:

Twiztid, Rydas, and A.Z. The Fallen.



Why do you think you can identify with horrorcore music?:

Its brutal and funny

Whats your favorite thing about being a Juggalo?:

Trolling other juggalos.

What is your most memorable show that you have attended and why?:

My most memorable show would be my first Twiztid concert. I was front row, taking pictures and Madrox looked down dumping his water bottle on everybody and it was like we both realized shit, the camera. Lol it was too late. But he lifted his charm and pointed to my serial killaz charm and said dope.


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