Juggalette of the Month: HunnicOmb

As we wait patiently, counting down the days until we gather, let’s get to know June’s Juggalette of the Month!  This month we interview Collin Jo Husar, aka “HunnicOmb” – A stay-at-home mom who resides in Denver, CO.  She loves nature, animals, art, and music.


I hear you have a new addition to the family.  What have you experienced being a new mom?

My son is 6 months old, and he is the light of my life! I absolutely love being a mom. I think it also helps that I’m a big kid at heart. So far the best experiences I’ve had as a new mom are “the firsts”. The most memorable of course being his first smile, rolling over, and his first laugh.


So you made a cross-country move to Colorado.  How is that going?

My husband and I moved to Colorado from Iowa in 2014. We got pregnant shortly after, so it has been a crazy ride! I’ve been learning how to live in a new big city, as well as learning to be a mom all while hundreds of miles away from my friends and family back in Iowa. It’s been tough at times, but I just try to stay positive. The universe has a way of working its magic. We now have a nice little apartment with a back yard and a great view of the city so I can’t complain. The Juggalo scene and overall music scene out here is also MUCH bigger than in Iowa… which has definitely been awesome!!


With living in Colorado are you guys cultivating your own Marijuana?  And also you’re growing your own food?

We are indeed growing both our own food and marijuana. We’ve been working on becoming more self-sustained and urban homesteading as much as possible. It’s good for us financially, but it’s also good for the planet. We are also practicing cutting down our waste, and recycling/ composting everything we can. We even have a vermicompost with lots of little worm friends creating nutrient rich castings for our soil.


Would you rather eat your favorite food every day or a variety of foods you hate?

A variety of foods I hate.


How many Gatherings have you attended?

This year will be my 12th Gathering of the Juggalos. My first was 2005 and I’ve been to every year since.


Best Gathering experience?

Meeting ICP in 2005 would definitely have to be up there! I also got to dance on stage for Spin The Bottle one year during Twiztid, & that was super fresh!!


What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Gathering?

Wizard of the Hood live for sure! It’s one of my favorite albums, and like many Juggalos I’ve always dreamed of seeing it done. Also I’m not pregnant this year so I plan to be much more of a social butterfly and see more homies than last year.


How did you get involved in Lette’s Respect?

I became involved in the Lette’s Respect movement in 2013 when Rachel Paul initially took over and revised the Miss Juggalette Pageant. I remember reading her article and immediately being super excited to be a part of it all. I ended up entering the contest, not necessarily to win, but in support of the movement. My homegirl made me a music track and I did a comedy bit for my talent. It was all received really well by the Juggalos and I had a great time. I will always be in support of Lette’s Respect because the Juggalo community is very diverse. The females of this community are important, and the Gathering should be a place where we can be ourselves 100% without worry of being mocked or judged for one reason or another. We are all family!


Would you rather explore under the sea or outer space?

Explore under the sea


Have you ever participated in Faygo Armageddon?

Yes! Twice actually! The first time was at the American Psychos Tour and the second time was Juggalo Day 2014 The Great Milenko show. Both times were amazing and unforgettable!


What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

60/40 all day


Would you rather be in jail & allowed visitors or deserted on an island in total isolation?

Deserted island alone


Favorite underground Album?

My current favorite underground album would have to be The Darkness by Twiztid.


Current play list – top 7 tracks?

Top 7 tracks right now:

  1. Dub Fx- Prove Me Wrong
  2. Zion I- Coastin’
  3. ICP- Juggalo Party
  4. Blaze- Who You Lookin’ For
  5. Watsky and Wax- Give a Hater a Hug
  6. Ab Soul- Illuminate
  7. Caskey- Bad 4 Ya


What does being a Juggalette mean to you?

Being a Juggalette means a lot to me. In my early Juggalo journey I knew very few females who liked ICP let alone were down ass Juggalettes. I went to my first Gathering in 2005 and it completely changed my life. I didn’t have the most ideal childhood. I am very grateful because it could have been much worse and I am a very strong, independent person because of the hardships I faced when I was younger. The Juggalos and The Gathering showed me a love and acceptance I had never experienced. I have always been a square peg trying to fit in a round hole, but with the Juggalos I can be myself without judgment. Juggalos make me happy, and I will always represent the fam proudly. Being a Juggalette is who I am and I love every part of it!


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