Juggalette of the Month: Alicia

Juggalette of the Month

I was introduced ICP as a freshman in high school, I came in to high school without any older siblings or friends, so I really didn’t have much background to go off when it came to music influences, I made friends with all the alternative kids, even though I was into sports, but I didn’t really fit in anywhere. The small group I did hang out with at school introduced me and my friend to ICP, the first song was “Let’s go all the way” The one friend I did have and she didn’t really like the music, but she listened to it with me occasionally, and then I would say from there I just started to listen to it more and more and more, I’d get mixed tapes made with a few songs here and there, and listen online, until I finally got my own CD, when Shangri-La came out, and the rest goes from there.

My favorite CD is visually and lyrically is The Great Milenko, Nothing Compares the theatrical storytelling, and haunting presence of this album. It’s So compelling that nothing else has ever caught my attention like it. Which totally correlates with my love of Halloween, which I’ve always been fascinated with since I was a kid, and that album just really tied it all in for me. The whole concept and vision behind ICP is what totally got me into this world. I didn’t really meet many Juggalos, besides the handful I knew in high school, until my first Gathering which was 2009, I had camped behind a group of people and I don’t really talk to them, but as being their neighbors I saw them here and there, then, at the 2010 gathering, it all pretty much started from there, they saw me again I camped in the same little corner behind them, and we all just started being homies from then on. I haven’t skipped a gathering since because of them.

So, since we were all gathered together, we wanted to finally compete in one of the games together, so we were trying to come up with a group name that we could write down when we entered juggalo family feud, most groups have their City to rep or funny group names, we didn’t really have a group name, because we were all from different states and we just met up every year at the gatherings, so the yacht club idea came from the concept that we are kind of like a whole bunch of Yachts coming from different areas meeting up at the same port, it’s kind of a silly stupid analogy, but you get the picture, right!? We like to dress up and wear fun outfits, and then it all just kept going from there.

In my non Juggalo time, I have a degree in design and graphic technology, and, I teach art and an after-school type setting, as well as a waitress, and a special effects makeup artist, which I use as my creative outlet, which I owe a huge part of that influence to ICP. I am currently a makeup artist at Green Bay Fear Haunted Attractions, where I get to celebrate my love of Halloween by being makeup artist there!


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