ICP Cancels First Show of UK Tour!

Hey ninjas, it just doesnt seem to be going ICPs or Psychopathics way when it comes to this current tour. With the venue changes and what not, now they have had to cancel the first stop of their Spray The U.K. Tour due to the fact that the airlines they used lost their tour shit… So yeah here is the flyer and official statement….




“UK JUGGALO FAMILY–What the fuck! Tonights 13/11 Sheffield date, originally scheduled for Leeds, is CANCELLED, due to our Family getting the total bone. This was completely out of our hands. But there’s good news: We hope to move the show 20/11, a week from today!!!! We will let you know ASAP when that is confirmed. Believe us, Juggalos–We WILL bring you the greatest show on earth Monday 20/11 at the Corporation club in Sheffield if at all possible. We will let you know when that is confirmed! The behind the scenes drama? We came into town 3 days early, and the airline STILL hasn’t delivered our tour gear. WTF!!! It’s now found and on its way 100%. We can’t thank you enough for your patience as yet another bump in the road has risen up in our path. BUT THE HATCHETMAN WILL CHOP AND WE WON’T STOP! If you planned on coming out to today’s show, PLEASE stay tuned for a new date. You have our word that we will do everything in our power to make this up to you ninjas. WE LOVE YOU!!!!”


So there you go ninjas! Just hang i there a little bit longer. I know it sucks but hopefully everything will work out! Until next time, peace!!!

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