Hazin’s ABK Holliday Blast 2011 Reivew

Whats up warriors? I had a chance to catch this tour at a early stop in Des Moines, Ia at the House of Bricks. This show, could be the best to have reviewed or the worst, depending on your point of view. As it had multiple stale drama incidents.

Highlights: Agony of Defeat

Stalest Moments: Sid Wilson stops the show, and ABK leaves early.

As with most events I attend, with the exception of the gathering, its pretty last minute decision as my “day job” is…. well no comment. I purchased will call tickets as usual at last minute and headed out the house in enough time to make the Venue for Agony of Defeat who I was shocked to see was opening. At the door I was informed there was no will call list for this event. Thankfully a printed off receipt proved otherwise and I was in. Just enough time to catch a beer and enjoy AoD’s set.

These guys tore it up once again, and it’s a shame that they where somehow excluded from the Gathering this year -2011 (what ever happened to metal night at the gathering?). Previously I have done a interview with these guys and you can check it out over: HERE


After AoD’s set, Gathering artist Izzy Dunfore took the stage. Another artist on the TJF Interview list, you can check out that freshness right: HERE. A great set, the tracks those familiar with Izzy get down to was interrupted by Sid Wilson of Slipknot fame getting on stage with his entourage. Some choice words where exchanged, music was stopped. This scene lasted a bit to long, but eventually they left the stage and Izzyfinished out his set unfazed by the nonsense. Turns out the beef is over some bad record deal issues in the past. I was told the venue let them in the back door with the understanding it would be a “silent protest”…. I reached out to Sid with no response. Izzy did respond with this:

I hope that last night will be Sid Wilson’s final attempt to damage my career. I have successfully defended myself in a court of law in a lawsuit that he brought against me and I have ended all of my business ties with Sid Wilson and what was Tuff Bong Records. I have been trying to move forward with my life for three years now. I sincerely wish him the best in his career endeavors in the future. Whoop whoop



After his set Izzy gave everyone in attendance a vinyl copy of his album. Then spent the rest of the night autographing them. Hella cool homie!

Now that the local flavor was done, the groups that ABK brought along where to take stage. Originally this show had Grewsum on the bill, however that was dropped at some point unfortunatley. First up was Fuck Yo Face from Atlanta, GA. I talked to these guys after their set and they where very apologetic for whatever the sound issue was. I really cant even give you a review on it. They had a 18 minute set that was really just pointless, the sound issues gave me no way to enjoy, or get a feel for what they bring to the stage.


Next up was Smokehouse Junkiez – I don’t know if it was because the sound was so much better, but these guys sounded good, brought some energy, good beats, instrumentals, and lyrics. Would be nice to check them out again somewhere. Dropped them my info – hopefully hear from them and get some details going as their website http://www.reptheroach.com/ is a bit limited.

Now, what makes people drive across the state to see a event? It’s usually the head liner right… ABK headlined this show obviously – and the fact that I didn’t get to see anything near his full set list, is disappointing. I wouldn’t of been able to make the VIP portion of this show, had I felt the need to drop another 50 bucks. I am not sure why this tour has VIP. Anyone who has attended a ABK show or been to the gathering, he always makes time to do pics/sign stuff, etc. Even this show he took time after all the drama to do pics and sign stuff.


The merch that comes with it – is not worth 50 bucks in my opinion (like i said my opinion). ABK came out in a Tshirt rather then the usual of him wearing a jersey. Pics below. He did however have LED lights on his pants…. He got started into his set list, when at the end of a song he said peace and left the stage. Now being up front your really just kind of standing there like WTF!! Apparently what had happened is a fan had a seizure, the EMT’s had arrived, and asked the venue to kill the music and lights. When the sign was given to ABK that the show was being stopped he said peace and dropped behind stage.


Now at this point the crowd is chanting family, family, family! Then ABK, ABK, ABK. Once the EMT’s cleared out – We where told then by the promoter ABK refused to take the stage. Shortly there after ABK came out into the bar, did some pics, signed some stuff, then left. Outside in the Alley behind the bar, he did the same. Chilled for awhile, made plans to hit a local bar with some of us, but then split town. When asked what really happened in the alley, he indicated they stopped the show for the medical issue rather then just pull the person out of the venue. Then asked him to leave after that. Said something about not returning to this venue, and would try and do a free show next time in area.

I sent in a request to psychopathic records, as well as ABK’s manager for a statement, and have not heard anything back. A worker at the show sent us this:


A ninja had a seizure at the show. The paramedics were coming in and said the music needed to be shut off. I ran the music all night, so I did what I was told.

The tour manager informed us, if we shut the music off, we could not re-start it. Considering it was on an mp3 player, that didn’t make sense to me, but it was a call that we didn’t have the authority to make. The fact is, when someone’s life hangs in the balance…fuck an ABK show. This ninja was more important than anything going on onstage.

If Killa really cared about his fans like he claims to, he would’ve stopped the show instantly and restarted it once the dude was taken care of and on the way to the hospital.

That’s what I can tell you from the promoter’s end of it. We only did what EMS told us to.


Now on a side note. I received a call from the promoter, who going over his numbers noticed that I had purchased tickets online for will call, and knowing that he did not have a will call list at the show, called me to make sure I was able to make it into the actual show ok. Then apologized for the whole night. This act alone shows some class and dignity in a industry that heavily lacks it. So thanks homie, that shit was very appreciated.
In closing, I heard through my facebook, that the ninja who seized up – went to the hospital, and was released and is just fine. Glad to hear that ninja!


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