Hatchet Herald July 5th, 2016

Violent J Discusses the Gathering, Canada Tour, and so much more

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This Hatchet Herald is very, very special. Not because I’m dropping any huge news, because, truthfully, I’m not. Not in this issue. There is easily enough huge news going on as it is right now… Gathering 17!!! Wizard Of The Hood Live! The new game Into The Echo Side! The new artist! The audiobook! The fuckin’ history making announcements being made at Gathering 17!!! Big Hoodoo’s new album “Asylum” dropping at the Gathering! And us, Insane Clown Posse, finally making it to CANADA after 16 years! There is sooooo fuckin’ much huge news currently popping off that for this Hatchet Herald I just decided that I would just sit here and fuckin… babble. Miscellaneously at that. I decided that this time, I’m just going to talk about random flavor. Whatever is currently popping off in my head I’m going to talk about starting now! We are in Canada!!! Making and spending their ultra fresh looking rainbow colored money. Canada’s money is fuckin’ straight up awesome looking. It even has clear plastic windows that you can see through printed right on the bills. I’m writing this while we’re parked outside of the venue in Toronto. Sitting in the bus listening to a “Best of Run DMC” CD because I’m an old ass ninja who still plays CDs. Whut. Coming across the border was pretty intense, I’ll tell you that. We lost a few of our guys. Three ninjas couldn’t make it across for various reasons and were sent back. We lost two crew members and one stage clown! That sucks! But the bulk of us made it across! It’s fuckin’ hard to believe. Our first day in Canada, our very first show was crazy fresh. It was at a festival, and that is very unusual for us. We have played a few, and this one was one of the bigger ones. We found out just the night before that we go on at 1pm. So we’re thinking, “Who the fuck is gonna be watching us at 1pm? I don’t think we have ever went on at 1pm ever anywhere. Plus, playing during the daylight takes a lot away from our show. No fresh strobe lights, no red scary lights, no darkness between songs, no spotlights. Plus, this festival stage was fuckin’ huge. You could land a B-52 on that bitch. You could have held the Super Bowl on that bitch. You could have built a fuckin’ golf course on that fuckin’ stage. So for our clowns, they practically had to leave from backstage 15 seconds early just to make it to the front of stage in time. Even with these small bones, much to our surprise this experience was incredible. It wasn’t like festivals usually are for us at all! Usually you got a fresh ass, fat ass posse of about 500 to 1000 Juggalos acting crazy as fuck right up front. The rest of the 25,000 people or so are all just kind of standing there watching us lookin’ pissed off. That’s always mad fun anyway, but this Canadian Festival called “Rock Fest” was much different. (No offense to the promoters of “Rock Fest” but “Rock Fest” is the lamest, most uncreative name for a festival I’ve ever heard. Here, I’ll think of something in 10 seconds better than that… “Rock Forever Fest”. There. That might not be that fresh, but it’s better than just “Rock Fest.” Here… “Raw Rock Fest” I did it again. Or How about this… “Fat Fun Rock Fest”.)

Anyway, this festival was fuckin’ different and awesome because even though we went on at 1pm there were easily 15,000 people or more watching and they were fuckin’ ALL ROCKIN WITH US. Listen, I’m not saying they were rocking, like Juggalos rock, but they were definitely fuckin’ having fun and enjoying the show. There was a lot of for real ass Juggalos singing along and getting live as fuck as usual right up front, and as usual, they were the craziest, but unlike in America, where the rest of the big ass festival crowds just stand there during our set, these people were actually showin’ mad love. If we yelled out “Throw your hands in the air” they allllll did it. It was fuckin’ fun and it was an unexpected fresh experience that I’ll cherish probably forever. Playing that shit was nice. It felt good. Some real unexpected love all early in the day. Fuckin’ dope. All kinds of fresh ass big ass bands were playing this festival so that evening we went and checked some of them out. It was really weird. The bands were all parked together in this huge backstage area. To get to the actual festival we had to take a golf cart to this little deck by the water. Then this boat comes and picks us up and takes us across the water to what I guess would be considered the main land. Korn was getting ready to hit the stage just as we were heading back. So we’re waiting at the deck for the boat to pick us up and take us back and it shows up full of rock ninjas getting ready to do their thang. So as they’re all coming off the boat I see this ninja who looks just like Dave Navarro (a rock star who’s played in a lot of big bands, plus he hosts a tattoo show on TV). Anyway, so we’re all standing to the side so they can walk past and this Dave Navarro-looking ninja kind of trips and falls right into me. I’m talking he straight up, pretty much football sacked me right in my gut. Then he just stands back up and continues walking by. I got heated quick. I fuckin’ followed behind him and tapped him on the shoulder hard style and he spun around. I got a good look at him and I’m like 95 percent it was Dave fuckin’ Navarro, if it wasn’t, then this guy’s gotta be his twin brother. But I was pissed and I didn’t give a shit who he was. I said “That’s it? No ‘I’m sorry?’ No ‘My bad’? No nothin’? You just slammed right into me and didn’t say a fuckin’ thing!” He said “Ok dude, wow, I’m sorry. Is that better?” Just then, Andre The Giant’s big brother tapped me on the shoulder mad hard and asked “Do we have a problem here?” I’m guessing this huge ninja must be his security guard or something. I just said “No, I’m good. He said he’s sorry. He needs to be sorry, he fuckin’ plowed right into me and didn’t say a thing!” Anyway, what an awesome first day and first show in Canada. We’ve been having a serious blast. It’s different. A lot of the crowd in the back are curious spectators, I believe. People who came to witness the phenomenon for themselves. The ninjas all packed up front are as Juggalo as a Juggalo can be. The only thing that sucks is not having our full crew here. Also it’s hard to be on the road while trying to rehearse for Wizard Of The Hood and Dark Lotus, and Killjoy Club and our big ICP set. That’s a lot of music to memorize and spit live at Gathering 17! Fuck man, scroll your eyeballs across these words and let the following information sink deeply into your brain: We have an announcement that we’re going to make at Gathering 17 during the ICP seminar that to us at Psychopathic Records is so big that it’s damn near earth shattering. I’m talking historical shit. I want to talk about some “Old School” shit in a minute, but first let me just say this. We are well aware that a lot of Juggalos out there don’t really follow our new shit. They only love the old shit and you know what? That’s perfectly OK with us, I promise you. We are not butt hurt if you’re a Juggalo who only likes the old school shit. Really the only thing that sucks about it is we feel like you’re missing out! We really do! Because there is so much super cool shit going on, coming out and coming up in the Juggalo world right now that it’s just a very shiny, shiny time, my friends. Psychopathic Records is fully alive and active as fuck and if you’re only playin’ the old school music, I just can’t help but feel sorry for you because I know the shit we are putting out now and the things we are doing these days are hellafied DOPE, too. Our new music sounds different because it’s been so many years, but it’s made with the same heart and passion as it’s always been and a lot of it is straight up really good. WE ARE IN OUR PRIME AGAIN SOMEHOW. A DIFFERNT PRIME, A NEW PRIME. A SECOND PRIME I GUESS. BUT WE’RE KILLIN’ IT AS HARD AS WE EVER HAVE. THAT’S WHAT IM TRYING TO TELL YOU.

Everybody is wondering about our new artist. You should be. Because almost every rap act discovered and developed by Psychopathic Records became an underground Juggalo rap legend. On the internet they are all speculating about who it is. Is it another old rapper that J and Shaggy loved growing up? Is it this guy or that guy? But as I explained in the last Hatchet Herald I wrote, you have never heard of our new artist. So there is no point in speculating. Psychopathic Records works best when we discover somebody with raw, undeniable, immense talent, who doesn’t already have music out or videos and shit on the internet. Today in 2016, that is not easy to do. But when we do find something perfect, it’s like that artist was dropped off to us straight from the wagons of the Dark Carnival, because then we can create freshness from the bottom up. We love working with that unknown, brand new artist and figuring out ways to showcase their strengths and bring the best out of them. And our new artist is STRONG. Our new artist says things I’ve never ever heard anybody say in all of music — period. I’m crazy serious. Look, ninjas… Psychopathic Records is a machine that puts out fuckin’ dope ass artists and it has been doing this for years. We don’t put out hundreds of artists because the few we put out are special. Sure, in the past we’ve signed acts like The Dayton Family, Cold 187em, Esham, but those acts were already established when we signed them. They were already successful on their own. We didn’t develop them here. We just put them out as they already were because we all thought they were dope and we thought Juggalos would dig them too. But what we are BEST AT, is finding ninjas you never ever heard of in your life and turning them into Juggalo icons. Just look at the ninjas that before Psychopathic were virtually unknown, and are now some of your all-time Juggalo favorites — Anybody Killa, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Young Wicked, Axe Murder Boyz, Twiztid, Big Hoodoo, Boondox, Dark Lotus, The Psychopathic Rydas, Project Born, Zug Izland, Myzery. They all come from the Psychopathic Family Tree. So trust me when I tell you today: Now, in 2016, we have something fresh for you Juggalos yet again! An Authentic Psychopathic Records Artist. Our legacy continues to grow. The Juggalo legacy continues to grow. The 7 song EP from this new artist drops at Gathering 17 and on Hatchet Gear the following week along with the debut video. When it comes out you can just rip the EP off the net if you want but just realize these two things… Number one, this is our new artist’s brand new, debut shit. This CD will most likely grow to become infamous one day. Picture years from now — this CD will be that super dope, original shit! That early debut shit that set it all off for this artist. If you’re a Psychopathic Records CD collector, than this CD will eventually become very important to your collection. Don’t you want to be able to say you got that shit when it first dropped? Plus, you know one day this EP will probably be mad hard to find.

Number two, even though it’s not a full length album, the packaging is still fresh as hell with mad photos and foldout freshness. It just looks super fuckin’ dope to the eye. So for you CD collectors out there like me, who actually like to hold that fuckin’ music in your hand, this one is a good one. I promise you that. Our new artist is going to take you on adventures that hopefully you’ll never have to go on in real life.

Wow, man, we’re in Canada. I can’t believe it. I just tend to think that everything fresh will eventually happen one day. It’s The Secret. The Laws of Attraction. If you sit and wish for something, and vision that something happening over and over again in your mind, then it will become a reality. I truly believe that. That’s what I’m doing — sitting in a tour bus, chilling in Canada, writing a letter to thousands and thousands of Juggalos who dig our shit and actually give a fuck what we have to say. Dreams come true, man. I’m telling you right now, especially if you’re willing to put the work in to guarantee it happens. Fuck waiting around to get signed; work hard, save up and put that shit out yourself. Start your own company. Start walking up that mountain. THAT’S how you make it, youngster. A lot has changed in my life in the last six months. While doing The Riddlebox 20th Anniversary Tour, a lot of shit hit me. First and foremost, man, ICP is old school. We’ve been around a long ass time. We’re stupid, crazy, insanely blessed and fortunate, but we’re old school. We are out here celebrating “The Riddlebox” album and that album came out over 20 fuckin’ years ago! And we had already been putting out albums for five years when “Riddlebox” came out. But I really, really realized something fresh as hell about being old school. Number one, when you’re new, it’s crazy fresh and all, super exiting, but I can tell you right now, you only get to be new for so long. Then comes stage two: Staying current. That’s when you gotta stay up with all the new shit dropping and fight from falling into stage three for as long as you possibly can. Stage three is being Old School. I remember fearing being old school. I remember the very first time I’d ever heard ICP referred to as old school. I went camping with my girlfriend during the Jeckel Brothers era. And I was way up north in Michigan. Like at the top of the murder mitten. There was this short, fat kid standing outside of the store like he was waiting for a ride or something and I came outta the store and asked him if he lived around this area and he said yeah. Then I asked what kind of rap they listened to around here. He named some shit off, then I asked “What about ICP?” And he said “Them? Yeah they were cool back in the day, they’re old school now.” It blew my mind. And since that very day it’s been more and more common to hear something like that about us. But today in 2016, it’s definitely official. ICP really ARE old school, but while I thought it would suck being old school, it’s actually mad, fuckin’ awesome and I’m not kidding at all, ninjas. Here’s why… first off, there are no more stages to go through. Once you’re old school, you’re fuckin’ old school from then on. There’s no young old school or old old school … it’s just old school. We’re only in our fuckin’ early 40’s! You might be thinking, “Fuck, that’s old” but standing in our shoes, we realize we feel just like we did 20 years ago. And we plan on doing this shit until death. We got a lot more in store, that’s for damn sure. I feel like we’re in our prime. Joey had his long needed surgery and it was a total fuckin’ success. He feels fuckin’ great. He moves like one of those blow up air guys by the used car lots. I lost all the weight I wanted to and now I feel fuckin’ great and in shape. Plus, man, I keep saying it: Psychopathic has got so much awesomeness planned out for the future that there is going to be a lot more to this story. A LOT FUCKIN MORE. But being old school is fuckin’ fun. No pressure. We can navigate our career any way we please. Doing the Riddlebox tour was fuckin’ amazing and we still have a whole other leg of it still to do in the US! We fuckin’ love it! The Riddle Box 20th anniversary version CD is all dope with that bonus CD, that fresh, tell-all booklet and the box it all comes in. It’s all remastered and sounds fuckin’ incredible. Shit, man, as the years go on, we can do that for all the Joker’s Cards if we want, man. Each with their own tours and everything. It’s just fuckin’ cool and fun to give the ninjas exactly what they want. I love being old school. We embrace that shit because we love the old shit too! Doing those tours and special one-off shows are fuckin’ crazy fun, man. We can do this shit for ever and be creative as fuck with it as we go. But best believe we’re going to keep moving forward with the tale of the mighty Dark Carnival as well. We’re going to keep dropping those Joker’s Cards and try to shake the world up each and every time. I think we’re just very, very happy and proud and blessed. “The Marvelous Missing Link: Found” album, I recommend to everybody. Just making that album has done wonderful things for me and my brother Shaggy and our whole fuckin’ team. You might wanna check it out. It’s got us all feeling very satisfied and pleased with our lives and careers. I love my kids so much. That’s the 55 percent of my life Juggalos don’t know anything about! Hahahahaha! Well, there it is … miscellaneous babble from the mind of Violent J!Gathering 17 … The Gathering of Gatherings!

We will all meet there and do the damn thang as hard as we can!


Violent J

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