Hallowicked 2014: Review and Photos

TJF Would like to thank: Jason, Will, and the entire psychopathic team for everything!  Amazing show.  Only stale point is I ended up walking away with a chipped tooth and a fractured jaw but you wont see me complaining! I did miss taking some pictures that I was requested for at the Afterparty and honestly that is a huge bummer I keep kicking myself for, but hope to make it up sometime soon.  (Congrats again you two)  -Hazin

Picture gallery below but the Full quality pictures for this show and prints can be found at: http://www.hazin.me/Hallowicked-10302014/

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Hallowicked has become a staple in the years activities and the unique one of a kind end to a month of festivities for Halloween. For any Juggalo in attendance, it is a rush like no other seeing Insane Clown Posse in their home town of DETROIT. While I can’t say I have been every year, since Nebraska is quite the journey, I am proud to say it is the fourth time I’ve made the sacred trek to the homeland to attend Hallowicked. This year was mandatory with it being the 20th annual and them announcing the third face in the second set of Jokers cards.

After an amazing start at Fright Fest the night before, anticipation was growing to get to the Fillmore for the show. Several hours were spent helping fellow Los and Lettes get all primped and pressed, of course with face paint and fake blood, for the evening. Soon it was time to head off to the downtown destination.

Now in being an avid traveler, specifically to ICP events, I have had the fortunate privilege to see nearly a fourth of the country including numerous large city downtown areas. DETROIT, you are killing me! The amount of construction, detours, map confusion and consistent “recalculating route” notions were vast and frustrating. The saying “go home DETROIT, you’re drunk.” came to mind on several occasions. Finally, we made it to the Fillmore and got parked. Hazin and I waited to get checked in and able to go into the venue. It was cold, rainy and the wind was enough to start a debilitating ear ache after only several minutes of direct contact. The decision to skip the line soon took over, I mean realistically, there were two lines for men and women, so I didn’t really cut.

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Once inside, the ailments of the weather quickly disappeared. I ran into Jumpsteady almost instantly. We chatted briefly and I got a hug. A few minutes later, I was able to reconnect and catch up with the man who makes it all happen on stage, Hammer, ICP’s stage manager. After running into several more long lost family, I soon headed down to the main floor to find a spot to park it for the evening.

Seeing as how I’m a very small person and Detroit at Halloween tends to be on the frigid side, I had remembered to bring my very large, furry coat. Once inside, I needed to find somewhere to either hide my coat for safe keeping or find a ways to secure it so I would not have to hold onto it for the duration of the evening. Thanks to the very well placed railings between levels of the main stage, I was able to be in the first landing corner and tied my coat in a knot around it. Now I was ready to party.

While waiting for the show to begin, I got to hang out with some far away friends; Curtis Bolt who has been an avid supporter of my Hannah Monroe writing page, Cassidy from Wolfpac, Justin “the pit” Litner and his girlfriend and family. There were numerous others as well! It’s always like a family reunion each time I make it up to Michigan.

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The lights then went dark and out came Jumpsteady. I always enjoy his introductions because he is very vibrant in his speech and has the ability to draw each and every person into his story that sets the stage for what is to become. Each time he came out during the night, it connected each artist and fed the monster inside craving the horror and disaster of ICP on Halloween. Perhaps the best part of Jumpsteady’s speeches throughout the night was the clear and present reference to the childhood favorite movie, Goonies. He talked about it being “our time in here” and the rest of the world being on “their time out there!” It was powerful, relatable, and energizing.

The first person to grace the stage for the evening was none other than Big Hoodoo. Void of stage sets, theatrics or any other person to assist in his set; Hoodoo set the intensity level to be expected from each performer after for the entire evening. He was energetic, emotionally drawing, and entertaining. It may have been the best set I have seen live from Hoodoo so far.


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Following Big Hoodoo, Jellyroll took the stage. I have had the pleasure of seeing him several times, between the gathering, home and a few other states. Tonight was the first time I’ve been able to stand still and be entertained but not enticed to dance. I think part of the reason was the songs I prefer were not played. Do not take this as a negative, I completely enjoyed his set, but instead of it encouraging me to move about and lose myself, I was more compelled to just stand still and watch him. His stage presence was captivating in a whole new way for me.

Madchild was next out to tear up the mic and he did exactly that. While I am not as familiar with his music, I was very interested in his energy and movement about the stage. Most artists who work around ICP are usually rather larger than life people, at least in stature. Madchild was this little dude wound up like a top finally set free. I may have had a difficult time seeing him on the stage due to me being short as well, but he was fun to watch bounce about. I know I now need to purchase his music and be sure to check him out when he comes my way. I would recommend the same for everyone else.

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While I must admit I have never been a huge fan of the Mafia 6, there set was fun. They kept a happy balance of songs and energy to keep the night moving. Some songs were sad in tone but were quickly followed by something peppier. It was like a bipolar emotional roller coaster watching them.

Mushroom Head was next to take the stage and looking back on the night, I wish I had listened to my friends and went to get some of the 3D glasses they had for purchase. I have heard their music before but never had the opportunity to see them live. I was captivated and entranced by their show. The masks, the neon colors, the flying paint, all of it was used in perfect unison to create something magical. Had I had the 3D glasses, apparently it was supposed to make it look like the paint or water (whatever it was they used) was coming at you. I wish I could have experience it first hand. Anyone who has the opportunity to see these guys live, take it!!!

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Finally the night was coming to a close, but before I get to the last part of this review, I must veer off on a tangent. The prior evening I discussed how Twiztid had been speaking and seeking their own recognition separate from psychopathic. Each artist with them really touched on this, especially Twiztid. Tonight, every artist paid homage and respect, with the label or not, to Twiztid and Blaze and everyone else rocking the wicked shit. I was reminded at this moment why I love these bands and why this is my Juggalo family. There is nothing but love and respect for each other. It filled me with joy and made the whole trip worthwhile and I hadn’t even seen the men of the hour.

Finally, Insane Clown Posse took the stage. The stage set was amazing. The mighty death pop face, two dunk tanks, lollipops and carved pumpkins, it was a site to be seen. The night rounded out with all the Halloween favorites, comedic routines through the songs between Shaggy and J, and faygo bouncing each and every direction. Perhaps the most usual song of the line up was them playing “Neden Game.” This however was the most comical and entertaining song of the night. Instead of going through the song as usual, Shaggy and J changed some of the words and actually had a faygo war with each other. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.

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The only downsides to watching ICP tonight were the disconnects with the lighting and launching of faygo. I witnessed several people get hit in the face with nearly full faygo bottles due to the lights going out and them not seeing the bottle coming for their noggin. This was also perhaps the messiest year I have been to yet. They release cannons of confetti on the crowd. We are talking full cannons that could have fit a grown man inside them. There were streamers and balloons. It was pure magic with faygo to act as the glue to adhere it all to your skin.

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Two other amazing moments of the night also came from ICP’s set. The first was the notification of the new Jokers card of the second set. The people around me and myself had started to notice prior to the unveiling there were two banners hanging above the stage. We could see the words (The Lost) and (The Found) at the bottoms of the banners but could only speculate to the rest. This began banter and excitement for there being two CDs to look forward to in the near future. Finally, it was time to show the world. Music started, the stage cleared and down the first banned came. The Missing Link: The Lost with the date April 28, 2015. The crowd cheered, whistled, whoop whooped. It was mayhem. Then, as we already knew, the second banner began to come down. The crowd full of Juggalo love erupted louder as they waited for the banner to drop. It got stuck a couple times then finally came down for all to see. The Missing Link: The Found July 28, 2015. Then quickly both banners rose back up out of sight. 

Being with True Juggalo Family has become a privilege and responsibility I do not take lightly. Being present this night knowing I was the only one available to drop the info on our site, I quickly went to town snapping horrible quality pictures and getting the info out to the world of Juggalo family. This was an honor to be able to post first hand knowledge for ICP to the world. It was definitely something I never thought I would be able to do. Thank you all!


The second amazing surprise was a quick three song performance by the newest psychopathic group, the Killjoy Club. The music was awesome. They really blend well on the stage and the sound and lyrics of the music are fabulous. I wasn’t sure how the two groups would do coming together but it’s nothing shy of pure wickedness.

As the night came to a close, I watched in bliss as the faygo finished flying, the sound of balloons popping filled the air with gun shot replicas, and all the soaked fam started for the door. We found our homies and headed back to our hotel to clean up for the after party.

We made it there late and got to see ABK. He rocked the stage as he always does then had the fam up for his last song. Soon Hallowicked in its entirety was over. Now it’s time to prep for Ballas and Juggalo Day. Much love fam! See you all soon and as always, Keep Living It Wicked!


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