Shrunken Head Entertainment releases Get Yo Head Shrunk Vol 1 mixtape

Razakel and the rest of the crew over at S.H.E. have dropped a mixtape, or rather a re-mixtape, featuring the whole label across 15 remixed tracks from mainstream artists such as Drake, Cardi B, The Weeknd, and more.

It is available for download at this time on SoundCloud, and features tracks from artists on the S.H.E. roster including Razakel & The Slice Girls, Dieabolik The Monster, Don Orias, Hard Jaws, Jenocia X, HB The Grizzly, and various guest features from Zitro, Shakelous, Claas, and CHXXMPA!

Check out the tracklist in the graphic below, and go give it a listen!

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