‘Family’ Movie Trailer Is Here from Entertainment Weekly

By Mankini

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive scoop on the official trailer for Family! The film that so many Juggalos had a chance to be a part of. I’ve seen this film 3 times myself, and I’ll tell you, you’re not gonna want to miss it!

Laura Steinel, and the cast and Crew if this film were so kind to us, and have continued too be. Laura has made an amazing film here, that touches the soul, and really embodies it’s name.

More from EW

Orange Is the New Black actress Taylor Schilling graduates from prison gangs to the Insane Clown Posse in EW’s exclusive trailer for her upcoming movie Family.

Directed by first-time feature helmer (and Red Oaks staff writer) Laura Steinel, Family follows the titular dysfunctional clan fronted by Kate, an overworked businesswoman tasked with caring for her absent brother’s daughter Maddie — a socially awkward youngster with aspirations of becoming a juggalo, played by Bryn Vale — while balancing her hectic professional life…

For the rest of the story, and the full trailer. Head to EW below!



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