Eminem “Killshot” MGK response track

By Mankini

As we all know by now, MGK put out Rap Devil last week in response to Eminem’s song Not Alike, from Kamikaze. Over the passed week Em has been posting a series of interviews, where he talks with Sway. During these interviews, Em talks about the album and what fueled it, he also talks about Joe Budden, and talks about his distaste for MGK. He brings up the fact that he mentioned his daughter on Twitter, and used it as a press junket for himself. Then Em spoke about the sneak dissing MGK did on Techs song No Reason, and how this was the main reason he dissed him. We weren’t sure if Em was gonna fire back, at all, it’s not like he needed too. But he did, and he fired back like a fully automatic… I’m sure this is far from over, but for now, enjoy Killshot.


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