Alla Xul Elu drops pre-order bundles for surprise new album

Today on MNE Store, pre-orders were made available, as expected, for Twiztid’s upcoming release Generation Nightmare, available April 26, 2019. However, in a surprise move, Alla Xul Elu also made available for pre-order a new full length album, within months of their MNE debut album, entitled Church of Xul, ALSO available on 04/26/19!

If you’ve been following along, you may have been aware a new album was in the works, as Billy Obey had posted a phone number for Xuligans to call in and leave a message for a chance to have their message on the album, but even we didn’t expect it so soon!

Pre-order bundles include a two-pack featuring both albums to be released that day; Generation Nightmare vinyl bundle; Generation Nightmare Hat bundle; Church of Xul Forever Face bundles(featuring your choice of two different color masks); Church of Xul custom jersey bundle; and more!

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