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W.O.R.M. has released the first single, “Hooizzy”, from his upcoming debut album The Soil

Pre-order and digital download available at Bandcamp!

Lo Key announced on Facebook the reissue of his Let’s Get Violent album, along with a limited edition maso to commemorate the reissue!

LETS GET VIOLENT!! Introducing the brand new Re-Issue of this underground classic, including the fan favorite “Chainsaw Symphony” and the rare bonus track “Fatality”!!

… And finally, to commemorate the albums return we present to you the ultra devastating, limited edition “LETS GET VIOLENT” Mask!! Each mask is individually autographed and numbered inside.

<3 Grab yours ASAP at PropSquadShop.com!!! <3

Available now at PropSquadShop.com!

Whitney Peyton has started up a new weekly podcast with her friend Gabriella Meghan titled Caffiendz! Here’s a quick rundown:

A coffee fueled podcast exploring aliens, ghosts, and all things weird! Hosted by Gabriella Meghan & Whitney Peyton. New Episodes drop every monday on spotify, itunes, google play, and more

Available weekly on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play, with two episodes already up!

Don’t forget to also check out the new music she’s doing with Gina Fritz in Keyed Up!


🐏”BIG” Music Video: https://youtu.be/0sAhga_F_Ro


🐍”Movies” Music Video: https://youtu.be/8g2wFKUp6Qk

⏳3rd song “Gone” Pre-save/order
(dropping March 1st)

Keyed Up Merch!

If you are a Ninja who has been down for over a decade, chances are you will remember Boondox’ debut on Psychopathic Records at Hallowicked 2006. Little you may know however, he used to be known as Turncoat Dirty up until around 2005. Since then, Boondox has been known to put out 6 epic album releases.

Boondox has decided to bring back Turncoat Dirty and he’s got some shit for you. The Scarecrow is coming back with a new Audio Box that has a previously unreleased song by his original name.

If you want this audiobox it’s available right here: http://www.twiztid-shop.com/Audio-Box-Boondox-Edition_p_1935.html

Don’t forget The Underground Avengers have officially rununited with Boondox and Buckshot in Texas!

We will have more info and the event on our page soon!

Johnny Music-Trump’s Dick Video-Upcoming Underground artist to watch

Remix of Mickey Avalon “My Dick”

For more to come from this artist, hit up

-Instagram, twitter and youtube @ItsJohnnyMusic


Juggalo News The Foot Caught up with Whitney Peyton during the KMK 20 year anniversary tour for this interview, and they cover quite a few things. Check it out and then scope out her page to stay up to date with what she has going on:  https://www.facebook.com/WhitneyPeytonMusic/

St. Luke, born Luther Thomas, spent his days lost in music to distract from his surrounding poverty and domestic dishevel. His music style has been influenced by a variety of industry greats such as Tupac, 50 Cent, Eminem, Kanye West, Tech N9ne, Elvis, Pink Floyd and the Beatles.
St. Luke began rapping at age 13 and created 6 mixtapes and 3 music videos before being signed by ATAP Records LLC to create The G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) which is due to release July 12, 2015. The story line of this album takes you on a journey through the artist’s life growing up in the impoverished city of Youngstown, Ohio and St. Luke’s vision of defying all odds to become the King of his craft. St. Luke is known for his gangster rap style but this album showcases his versatility as he crosses genres with Pop and R&B. Throughout The G.O.A.T. St. Luke challenges other artists to expand their game to be the best version of themselves while offering hope and empowerment to his listeners.



Offical Website

Social Media:


Facebook Artist Page:




YouTube Videos:

St. Luke – Keep Hatin On Me

St. Luke – Headed To The Rescue

St. Luke – EPK (The G.O.A.T.)

St. Luke – Life of The G.O.A.T. Vlog

St. Luke – Trippy Til I D.I.E. (Feat. Bizarre)

St. Luke – Trippy Til I D.I.E. Vlog

St. Luke – Murder

St. Luke – A Billion Dollar$$$ (Feat. Jelly Roll)


St. Luke – Road To Greatness

Check out this long radio interview with artist Lamb Bed!

Another interview over on UGW! 40 minutes of info, give a listen and check out his soundcloud!!

Frank Hatchet:


Juggalo News:

Born Addicted:


Juggalo News:

Almost a full hour with Artists A1 on the radio show, hit play and check out this interview!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S089y… https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?…

Radio Show:

Juggalo News:

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