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DFW’s Suave Schwag dropped a new single yesterday featuring most of Sick Gang(Claas, Don Orias, Dieabolik The Monster, and CHXXMPA), entitled “Suave4Life”, available for streaming now! Check it out right here, Spotify link at bottom!

Shaggy 2 Dope’s brother Tre Lb has a new album coming out! Take a look at the infomercial for the release of his newest project ‘Return of the Absent Minded Producer’!

The Re-AMP record release party takes place Nov 15th at The Old Miami in Detroit, MI. The event will hosted by Rude boy with Dj Carlito on the tables.

The album itself features many artist including Shaggy 2 Dope, Hatch, Xtra Overdoze, Daniel Dahmer, etc. And will be performed live in its entirety! Slated for release on November 8, pre-order bundle available now at Welcome to the Chop Shop!

Full tracklist and info for each song below!

1-intro – Tre Lb. Is let loose on two terrified victims who gets slaughtered in The Chop Shop. Then Tre pound receives an interesting call

2- Re-A.M.P.-this song sets the tone for the album with Daniel Dahmer and Tre Clowning left and right on a beat reminiscent to the old kmk/icp styles of the late 90’s.

3-They all float- This song is the cornerstone of this record!!! This alternative trap rap cross over influenced by the classic story of IT and Pennywise the Clown is sure to unleash your inner bad ass. Check out the video now!


4-Impact crash- Chop Shop has a long history of incorporating car-themed lyrics in their songs. They also have a history with King Gordy. The instrumental contains a sample of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra playing Beethoven so strap on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride hahaha

5-Do what we do- Da Boy J of Atilla’s trap rock side project drops fire on this heavy rock star party tack. “We do what we do” 808’s and live electric guitars keep your head and your system banging when you bump this one.

6-on a roll- This is The definition of a banger! Tre Lb., The underground sensation Xtra Overdoze and the former BET freestyle Friday competitor Hatch bring a triple threat of seasoned mic skills on a rapid fire track sure to leave your head spinning.

7-No Redo’s- this is a very blunt skit

8-Lessons- this song tells some all too familiar stories

about struggling with life’s hustles addictions and how the system screws you from the start.

9-Unity- Detroit Hip-Hop history is in these lyrics! Cousin of the late great D12 artist Proof, Max Julian has roots in a camp that at one time had beef with the camp Tre Lb. Is native too(Psychopathic Records). Tre tells the story of His brother Shaggy 2 Dope squashing the beef with Proof at a 2 live crew show in Detroit and Max Delivers an ode to Proof sraight from the heart.

10-Back To Back Blunts- This is the weed smokers anthem. Baltimore native Uncle Spaceman and Miami native Wil E. Haze are the perfect stoner buddies to elevate this 420 friendly track to the top of your smoke session playlist.

11-Ghost Ride The Whip -Boom bap piano slap underground wicked chop shop barz

12-Mad-This ballad/dance/rap song portays a young man shaking off the devil in his ear and transducing negative energy onto positive. The beginning of this song was written on the piano when Tre was goning through a deppresed period in his life abrupt attention grabbing beat changes and meaningful lyrics from the heart solidify clasic status for this song.

13-GTA – A tribute to rockstar games GTA series also features Max Julian and comes with an action packed halloween influenced music video! Check it out on the Roxxxtv you tube channel.


14-Damaged- Tre Lb. reflects on the struggles of growing up fast and losing his oldest brother John Utsler and his mother Donna Heyer on this album! A Closing power song featuring his older brother Shaggy 2-Dope of the legendary Detroit duo Insane Clown Posse. Acoustic and electric guitars along with 808’s and live drums create a bed of music for the vocals that alow you to appreciate the musical structure that was put into this return of the absent minded produceror project.

Razakel and the rest of the crew over at S.H.E. have dropped a mixtape, or rather a re-mixtape, featuring the whole label across 15 remixed tracks from mainstream artists such as Drake, Cardi B, The Weeknd, and more.

It is available for download at this time on SoundCloud, and features tracks from artists on the S.H.E. roster including Razakel & The Slice Girls, Dieabolik The Monster, Don Orias, Hard Jaws, Jenocia X, HB The Grizzly, and various guest features from Zitro, Shakelous, Claas, and CHXXMPA!

Check out the tracklist in the graphic below, and go give it a listen!

The Gorefather Scum announced today the addition of a new member to the LSP team who goes by the name SevidemiC. Here’s what he had to say:

Today, LSP officially welcomes SevidemiC as the newest member of our dysfunctional family! He has been making noise all over the underground for years with demented music videos, a devastating live show and a uniquely dark blend of musical styles. He writes, produces, mixes, records and masters everything himself as well!

He first caught our attention last year with his unorthodox performances on the Path of Destruction Tour with AMB, Scum and Lex the Hex Master. From then, he has only evolved – releasing a steady stream of evil music and murdering tours with Hemlock, AXE and MMMFD. We have big plans for SevidemiC moving forward including an upcoming 21-city tour across the U.S. and Canada with Twiztid this July and his debut LSP release coming this Fall!

SevidemiC is not the norm. He has an extensive back-story loaded with intriguing lore fueled by original music. This is exactly why we had to sign him! If you are tired of the ordinary, the zombie’s massive catalog of undead hymns are available on all DSPs!

We had to start things off the right way, so enjoy this brand new music video, ‘WRECTRO!’ Welcome him to the Saw & Axe fold properly and show him some love!

Official SevidemiC Website – https://www.SickMindMedia.com
SevidemiC YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/sevidemic
SevidemiC Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/2ydik9VCOK04j0ikeqO6Ay
SevidemiC Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheRealSevidemiC
SevidemiC Instagram – @SevidemiC

We look forward to seeing what he has to offer the label. Check the video below for a sample of his fairly unique sound!

With a few of the other acts announced, such as Shakewell, City Morgue, and Ghostemane, many Juggalos have been speculating and hoping for one specific act to be added, and with the release of the official 2019 SoopaGathering infomercial, we finally got that very announcement!

I want to die at the Gathering! The New Orleans masters are here to destroy the Soopa Stage! Join Ruby da Cherry and $crim as they bring their original style to the Juggalo Family. A rumble rises up from an old New Orleans cemetery as the bass knocks and the spirits rise. The Juggalos have spoken! The $uicideboy$ are here! Join the chart-topping, never stopping, jaw dropping duo as they celebrate 20 years of the Gathering with an insane performance only they can bring. G59 stand up!

That’s right! Straight outta NOLA, the one and only $uicideboy$ will be joining the Juggalos this summer in Shimmer Forest for the 20th Anniversary Gathering of the Juggalos: SoopaGathering edition!

Many people thought for sure they would be on the bill for Juggalo Weekend this past February, as it was held in $b’s hometown of New Orleans and we were never given an official lineup prior to the event. It turned out, as you probably know, they were not; but it seems the kind folks at Psychopathic Records and Ninjas In Action have heard the buzz from the underground and are finally introducing them to the Hatchet!

If you’re not familiar, now’s the time to get with the program, because I guarantee you this will be one of the most hype performances this year, with a rowdy crowd and pit to match!

Insane Clown Posse announced earlier today that Shakewell will also be performing on the Shazam Stage at the Gathering.

The 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos proudly welcomes SHAKEWELL! In his first-ever GOTJ appearance, Shakewell will be bringing the straight-up insanity as only he can. Bizarre, crazy, and straight-up madness—from his dope videos to beats and lyrics that knock. Don’t believe us? Get put in a leglock, son! Get ready for an artist who is reppin the Juggalo Family and here to Gather! Performing live and in effect on the Shazam Stage, Shakewell is here to bring the noise and kill it on the mic! Prepare yourself!

With Both Shakewell AND Ghostemane performing, I wonder if we’ll be seeing any more of the acts people typically associate them with. Either way, it seems the people are really being listened to this year, as I know a LOT of Juggalos that are already very pleased with this lineup!


The Insane Clown Posse Facebook page dropped a bombshell yesterday! The man himself, Jumpsteady, will be performing a set at the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos: SoopaGathering!

The 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is proud to present Cannibal’s House—Home of the Underground! See the website for a complete list of all Cannibal’s House artists. Performances include a whopping total of 33 of the underground’s finest, including a very special set from the founder of the Gathering of the Juggalos, Master of the Flying Guillotine and Psychopathic Don, JUMPSTEADY! Jumpsteady will be joined by special guest hype man Sewerside, as they share the stage with J. Irja, Xtra Overdoze, Skitzo, and many more! 33 New Artists have been announced! Jumpsteady returns to the Gathering stage! More details for Cannibal’s House revealed on the Juggalo Gathering website! Do you even Gather?

Jumpsteady’s first Gathering performance since 2012 will take place at the stage named to honor the hero Juggalo who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of another person: Cannibal’s House.

Jumpsteady will be sharing the stage, across all four days, of course, with thirty other acts who were all revealed together, and are as follows:

American Slang, Deviant, Grlwood, J Payne, J Irja Tha Sexy Psycho, Riddy K, Summoner’s Circle, Super Ro ft. Wiley F.L.E.W. Tribute, The Jasons, Trouble Loc, Xtra Overdoze, A Feasting Beast, Abstrakt, Alex Jonestown Massacre, Bulletproof & The Fool, Demented Naychir, Discord Curse, Flock To Murder, Illest Uminati, Infamous, Insidious Flow, J Biz R w/ 614 Da Sniper, Knowledge Da MC, Madopelli Music, Mark Bone, Mereness, Meth, My Own Will, Problemattik, Scattered Hamlet, Skitzo, and Trip God.

As always, stay tuned here for all your Gathering news!

The hits keep coming! The latest one definitely comes as a surprise to me, personally…

Horror calls out from the darkness and pushes you to the brink of insanity as this otherworldly fusion of industrial, metal, and hip hop pounds in your chest and rattles the very ground you stand on. Known throughout the universe as a notorious underground sensation, rising up out of the darkness to blast bass straight into the earholes of hundreds of millions—and now, he invades the home of the Juggalo family, taking no prisoners. He is the elusive, terrifying, and electrifying one known only as…Ghostemane! The 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is proud to present the debut performance of an artist unlike any other, delivering his own brand of metal, hip hop, and straight up MURDER. Start a pit and get lit to the bass that knocks you into an alternate dimension and altered state. The Soopa Gathering proudly presents…GHOSTEMANE!

That’s right! GHOSTEMANE will be performing in front of the Juggalos on the SoopaStage! Big news, as I know many Juggalos out there are into the particular scene from which he comes, and he is personally my favorite from that crew!

Ghostemane official

As always, stay tuned for more updates!!

Over on Facebook, Lo Key gave everyone the scoop on his new project coming out next week! Here’s all the info you need, right from the man, himself!

Been getting a lot of questions regarding the NIGHTCRAWLERS project, so let me jump on here and try to answer what I can!

Q: Is this a Lo Key album?
A : Yes, I am on every song. It is a collaboration project. Each track features 1 or 2 other artists.

Q: How many tracks will there be?
A: Around 20.

Q: Why was the album delayed originally?
A: Honestly, its just a massive project that took way longer to organize then I had anticipated. There are alot of moving parts when you are dealing with almost 40 different artists! But we made it work, and the extra time allowed me to really dial in the project so I’m glad it was delayed.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: It will be FREE to stream through my website, spotify, youtube etc. Paid downloads will also be available through iTunes and my website.

Q: Will there be hard copies or merch?
A: At this time there are no plans for hard copies, or merch, just a digital release.

Q: What style is the album?
A: It is an underground rap album that varies between themes and sounds. There is some horror stuff on there, some straight hip hop, some deeper stuff. But it definitely has a “sound”.

Q: How were artists selected? What is the goal of this album?
A: I created this album as a showcase for up and coming artists. Most of these people you have never heard of. I gave them a HUGE platform to show their skills, what they did with that opportunity was up to them, and you the listener will decide who killed it and who didn’t. At the end of the day, my goal was to introduce each one of you to a new artist you love, and I feel we will easily accomplish that.

Q: Will there be any videos?
A: There are no plans for video’s at this time, but it’s not out of the question!

Q: You stole this name from Chris Webby!
A: The track NIGHTCRAWLERS was recorded in late 2016, and released in February 2017, before his, which you can easily look up on YouTube. Stop reaching..It’s just a coincidence

Q: I heard like half of artists wound up leaving the project? Whats up with that?
A: Exactly one artist left the project. Again, stop reaching lol

Q: Favorite track?!
A: Really digging this one “Sad2Me” right now

Q: Will there be a sequel?
A: If you guys like the style of this project I’ll keep putting them together for sure.

Hope this clears up any confusion or questions you guys have! If I missed something feel free to drop me a line in the comments. 1 WEEK!!!!

W.O.R.M. has released the first single, “Hooizzy”, from his upcoming debut album The Soil

Pre-order and digital download available at Bandcamp!

Lo Key announced on Facebook the reissue of his Let’s Get Violent album, along with a limited edition maso to commemorate the reissue!

LETS GET VIOLENT!! Introducing the brand new Re-Issue of this underground classic, including the fan favorite “Chainsaw Symphony” and the rare bonus track “Fatality”!!

… And finally, to commemorate the albums return we present to you the ultra devastating, limited edition “LETS GET VIOLENT” Mask!! Each mask is individually autographed and numbered inside.

<3 Grab yours ASAP at PropSquadShop.com!!! <3

Available now at PropSquadShop.com!

Whitney Peyton has started up a new weekly podcast with her friend Gabriella Meghan titled Caffiendz! Here’s a quick rundown:

A coffee fueled podcast exploring aliens, ghosts, and all things weird! Hosted by Gabriella Meghan & Whitney Peyton. New Episodes drop every monday on spotify, itunes, google play, and more

Available weekly on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play, with two episodes already up!

Don’t forget to also check out the new music she’s doing with Gina Fritz in Keyed Up!


?”BIG” Music Video: https://youtu.be/0sAhga_F_Ro


?”Movies” Music Video: https://youtu.be/8g2wFKUp6Qk

⏳3rd song “Gone” Pre-save/order
(dropping March 1st)

Keyed Up Merch!

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