New single from Insane Clown Posse entitled “Fury!” released tonight on streaming platforms! Check it out below!

The homies over at Informed Juggalos dropped a bombshell on us, announcing a kick-off party for Juggalo Weekend in New Orleans that they’re dubbing “Mardi Raw”!

This is going to be one hell of a Juggalo’d out lineup, with performances from Fear Itself, Deviant Horror, P-Thang Crazy P, Lunchbox, Dirty, Acetone Boogie, Enasnimi, Godz of Kaos, Lyte, and MORE, including the lovely ladies of Juggalesque in between sets!

Doors open and Juggalo Weekend kicks off at 6PM on February 15, 2019 at the House of Blues. 18+ ONLY

Tickets are $17 and available at www.informedjuggalosmardiraw.eventbrite.com

Hey ninja’s, I got hit up earlier by Bob Adams of the  Scrub Care Unit and we here at Juggalo News, have team up for a charity drive, to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Florence. All proceeds will go to Habitat For Humanity, which you can find out all about this relief drive by reading the article….

Juggalos, Ninjas, and Family,
As previously discussed before Hurricane Florence hit, Juggalo News and SCU Charities is kicking off fundraising efforts with all proceeds going to the Hurricane Florence relief efforts that have already started. As with our efforts for Hurricane Harvey, Juggalo News/SCU is going to collect donations from you – the Juggalo and underground family – with all proceeds going to the Habitat for Humanity rebuild and recovery efforts that will be kicking off in the very near future.
Just like Hurricane Harvey, Florence has made its awesome presence known with the full might of a storm almost 400 miles wide, hurricane-force winds, torrential rainfall, and record shattering flooding. At the time of writing this there has been a reported 18 deaths directly related to Florence and the rescue operations are just now really beginning. Unfortunately, we expect the death toll to increase as this massive storm continues its way across the country as it slowly (so painfully slow) moves and continues to bring rainfall and flooding in its wake.
Florance has impacted the lives of several hundred thousands of people in the North and South Carolina areas, as-well-as surrounding states and communities. With this being said Juggalo News and Scrub Care Unit have teamed up to raise funds to help assist those affected by the hurricane. We will be accepting donations through Scrub Care Units Paypal at “ltomlin12@yahoo.com” (SCU’s Secretary). All of the funds will sent to the Habitat for Humanity relief and rebuild efforts on BEHALF OF ALL JUGGALOS. Additionally, if enough funds are raised, we will also target those in need with children that might required more immediate assistance (such as school supplies, medical assistance, ect…). Our ability to help is totally guided by all of you willing to donate!
Once again, we are not only helping those in need but also showing the world we are not the gang labeled society as dictated by the FBI. Please help Juggalo News and SCU stand in the breach, pooling out resources, and helping those in need!
This ongoing donation drive will run to Oct 17th – at which time (just like with Hurricane Harvey), SCU will provide Juggalo News with a full report of all donations, those that donated, and where all the funds were disbursed to – which will be then sent out to all of you – to date, $25.00 dollars has been raised in donations.
SCU Charities is a nationally registered 501c3 and is proud to represent the Juggalo and underground family!!
Find us on Facebook “Scrub Care Unit”
From all of us at Juggalo News and SCU Charities –  Thank you!
Bob Adams and John Shaw
SCU Charities
So make sure to donate as you will definitely feel great by doing something good like this. Until next time, peace!

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