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Canada Juggalo Weekend 2017

Juggalo Weekend is designed to be an annual 2 day event founded by Insane Clown Posse (Psychopathic Records), the driving force behind the legendary annual “Gathering of the Juggalos” held in the United States. With over 17 years of success drawing more than 20,000 people to the annual “Gathering”, Insane Clown Posse will embark on this new venture with successful Calgary-based promotion company, True Rhythm, to bring a similar concept to Canada for the first time.

Juggalo Weekend 2017 will feature performances by numerous well-known musical groups and underground artists as well as wrestling, games, contests, autograph sessions, face painting booths, vendors, and circus performances.

The Juggalo & Hip Hop communities from across Canada and beyond are invited to come together
and be a part of the first ever “Juggalo Weekend” in Calgary, Alberta, Canada this April!

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Canada Juggalo Weekend 2017

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I recently had a chance to sit down with the very lovely, very talented, very beautiful, but very dangerous Miss Blahzay Roze for a quick and personal interview where we talked about her EXTREMELY controversial music video “White Lights”. FUCK all the rumors and controversy all the rumors and controversy, Blahzay Roze has grown into a powerhouse here at Psychopathic Records while her debut album “Broken” is flying off shelves. Being the first female artist on the label, she’s really set the bar high if ever another girl that comes along.

Mr. X:

You just had a new music video drop this past January for your song “White Lights”. Many out there speculate on your personal stuggle with domestic violence, could you share with us how much of the song is actually based off your real life experience?


Unfortunately, I grew up in a household plagued with domestic abuse. My mother started dating a man when I just was 8yrs old. He would get violently drunk and fight my mom. Make her hit us and stuff. When I got older I promised myself I would never be in that situation. In 2013, July 4th I was attacked by my boyfriend (Now Ex). It was terrifying. I could write a book about the experience. I’m so sorry to any woman who’s going through something like that. 

Mr. X:

During the shooting of your music video “White Lights” were there any parts particularly hard to get through? Did the memories of abuse linger? 


Though the entire song is very emotional for me. Mostly because I think about my mom and watching her get hit. The experience of filming this particular music video was almost uplifting in a way, strengthening. I worked with an amazing crew including the famous Ryan Archibald & Jumpsteady himself.

Mr. X:

How were you able to grow up and overcome in an environment with such abuse happening on a daily basest?


Well, I’m not ok by any means. I suffer from extreme mental disabilities. In 2013, when my now ex-boyfriend got physical with me or should I should say it like it should be said, no sugar coating, excuse me when my ex-boyfriend beat the living shit out of me, I had amazing friends and a haunting background to motivate me forward and away from that situation.

Mr. X:

Just so people aren’t confused, what was your overall gaol and message behind the making of “White Lights”?


I’m done with violence of this kind or any other, to go on seemingly unnoticed. Almost swept under the carpet like somebodies cried wolf too many times. No, these human beings need help. Serious help. Not just the people getting out of a situation and becoming free but the mother fuckers who actually think it’s fucking ok to ever, ever, put your god damn filthy hands on another human in domestic abuse. I’m not staying quiet. I never will. I’m throwing it right in their fucking faces. Bam Bitches. Hungry?  Here’s a nice hot plate of fucking reality.

Mr. X:

Any final thoughts or words of advice for people stuck in abusive relationships?


You can do it. I don’t know how many times your friends and family have told you that you can, maybe they never have but, I know one thing…. You fucking can. You can be independent, you can live life to its fullest without being held down (Physically) or back from experiencing the beauty of life.  I feel like a lot of people are not just trapped because of an abuser but because of a symptom of the abuse, anxiety. It manipulates you severely. Tell me, how many times have you said “I’m doing it I’m gonna leave him.”  & then the other part of your brain comes up with a reason not to, a fucking excuse. One after another until you’re stuck in a ruthless fuckin cycle you can’t get out of. Ask for help! Stop making excuses. If you’re afraid for your life get the fuck out of there. Go anywhere. Call any of the hotlines. There are people you don’t even fucking know waiting with open arms to just help you! & for everyone else. Take care of yourselves & each-other.

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A in-your-face retort to the FBI and law enforcement agencies that consider Juggalos a “gang.” Listen up! Directed by Ryan Archibald

Be a part of American history at the Juggalo March on 9/16/17! STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR CIVIL LIBERTIES!

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If your not checking out the Juggalo March page for details, you been sleeping on it! It’s 2017, wake on up!  HAPPY NEW YEAR NINJA! now head on over and scope out the details on whats going down, when its going down, where you need to book a room.  The event, the concert, and most importantly the MARCH!


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Psychopathic Records has launched new websites: – – and for 2017.  THE YEAR OF THE JUGGALO! Do not miss The Juggalo March!

In case you missed it – they have done quite a bit including signing a new artist:  Lyte

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There’s a lot of controversy with the new Psychopathic artist “Blahzay Roze”, regardless of how she found herself in her position on Psychopathic I can undoubtedly say It’s about damn time! I’ve been waiting for a female to sign to Psychopathic for 20 years now (Jesus Christ im getting old). Blahzay Roze, although not my favorite name of all time, she undoubtedly does introduce that dark style that use to be found in Psychopathic back in the day and though some songs are extremely dark I’m loving the fresh new talent she’s expressing.


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In the Words of Prince … CONTROVERSY!


So I guess our newest artist Blahzay Roze is causing a world of controversy. That’s awesome because so far she has sold way, way more CDs than any of us expected! We are very happy and very proud of her. If you ninjas only knew how far she has come in the last 6 months! Damn, sometimes I forget how much the world has changed since we started this label.  As I previously explained in my Hatchet Heralds, (If anybody still reads them anymore; you know, the postings I sometimes write and post up on and When Psychopathic Records signs a new artist, we usually like to sign an unknown, unheard of rapper and then together with them in the studio, we like to create something cool. Yes, we manufacture a fresh character, a look or a gimmick if you will. We do this by finding out what the artist’s strongest talents are and magnifying who they actually are as a person. We find out who they are inside and what this person is really all about and we then turn the volume of all of that way up to 10!  We make a character out of who they actually are. It’s been the same with every artist we’ve ever signed that wears some form of face paint. Now… only time will tell if that artist is skilled and talented enough to, by themselves, take what we started together with them and build and expand on it themselves, turning it all into something amazing the way Twiztid did, or Blaze or Anybody Killa, ect.


We have done the same with almost all the artists we’ve signed over the years, except for the artist that we’ve signed who already had a fan base and previous albums out, and videos, etc, such as Esham, Dayton Family, and even Vanilla Ice (only Vanilla Ice never actually handed in an album so nothing of his ever came out on Psychopathic). The point is, we are a lot like the WWE. Signing and working with Blahzay Roze has been no different. The only thing different now is the times! It’s 2016! You see, in today’s world, you have the internet and on the internet everybody has a voice and everybody’s voice is equally as loud and effective. Everybody from 40 year old Juggalos who know everything there is to know about the Hatchet all the way down to 11 year old kids, just talking shit, who don’t know a fucking thing about the Hatchet. On the net, all voices are equally as loud and powerful. They all get heard and all their shit gets spread out further and further even if it’s complete bullshit. So I’m coming on the net myself, right now to tell the exact truth about how our new artist, Blahzay Roze, was discovered and how she landed her deal with Psychopathic Records so everybody can quit spreading bullshit rumors and speculation.  Once I tell the exact truth, as I’m about to do, whoever wants to hate on her and us can hate to the fullest all they like and those who want to support her and us can support us. At least the TRUTH will be out. Now if anybody that’s reading this doesn’t believe me and thinks I’m lying or exaggerating about anything I’m about to tell you, you, my friends, can suck a dick up until you hiccup.  Because I’d never lie about this shit; it would only come back to bite me in the ass and I would look like a fuckin’ fool. Plus, I myself think the truth of how we discovered Blahzay Roze is actually kind of cool, and so there really is no need to lie or hype anything up because we don’t have anything to hide. I think it’s all fascinating!


About 6 months ago, I joined Facebook. Young Wicked set it all up for me because I still don’t know much about how to work all that shit. It’s very embarrassing to admit that because the net is nothing new anymore and yet I still don’t know how to really work it and I find that rather pathetic about myself. My own mom knows more about the net than me and my kids do too.  I only joined Facebook because at the time I was looking for girls to meet because I’d recently become single. As soon as I joined Facebook I got bombarded with letters from Juggalos. I read probably hundreds of letters from all kinds of ninjas. One letter I got was very polite and thanked us and our music for several things, the main thing being that it helps her battle with depression. I myself have dealt with depression and anxiety disorder for most of my adult life so that meant a lot to me to hear her say that. I wrote this person back just like I had written many people back.  Her name was Becky.  I looked at her pictures and she was very beautiful to me. I called Otis over because he was with me that day and I was using the big screen computer in the Lotus Pod studio. He looked at her picture and name and he said “Hey, man, I’ve met that chick before! She busted a fresh rap for me in Worcester. She can rap, man!”  I wrote her back but I wasn’t really concerned with the rapping thing at all. I was more or less flattered by her letter and what she was thanking us for. She wrote me back again and we began a correspondence.


I quit Facebook but Becky and I kept talking and texting by phone for about 4 weeks straight and we talked A LOT. I checked out all her pictures and she was a hottie, no doubt about it. She told me about how she hasn’t been on a date in over a year and how her depression had basically been crippling her lately. She would go out on the weekends to the same bar in her town to drink with her Juggalo homies and get wasted, but that would be the highlight of her week. Every week. Same thing, week after week after week. This went on for like the last year.  I won’t go into to much of her personal life, as that is hers to share if she wishes. All I will say is that I offered to fly her out to Detroit several times to spend a couple days with me and she repeatedly refused. She turned me down over and over again. She was not having my game. Her exact words were something like “I think I’m going to just stay dark for a while.” I remember saying “Dark? What the fuck does that mean? Who wants to stay in the dark”? I remember feeling extra positive because the “Marvelous Missing Link: Found” album was still relatively new and that had me feeling extra good (It still has me feeling good!). So one weekend, about 5 weeks into our internet relationship, I told her I was flying out to see her that night in Maine and that there was nothing she could do about it.  And that’s exactly what I did. I flew out to this little town I had never heard of called Lewiston, Maine. Even the nearest airport was over an hour away. I tried to rent a car but something was wrong with my credit card so I called Billy and he set me up with a car service to drive me around for the night. I remember thinking “Good because I plan on getting fucked up tonight and now I don’t gotta drive!”  The guy drove me all the way to Lewiston, which I guess is right next to another little city named Auburn. So this place is actually referred to as “Lewiston/Auburn” I guess. This town wasn’t nearly as small as I expected. It reminded me a lot of the Cass Corridor section of Detroit where Shaggy and I lived with Billy and Rob during the Ringmaster/Riddlebox eras. Just a big, old looking, run down dump of a city. So we pulled into a hotel, I checked in and I texted Becky right away. Her friend texted me back and said something like “She’s really nervous and she won’t be ready for a couple hours still”. I remember clearly thinking “What the fuck, man?  Now she’s gonna leave me fuckin’ hangin’?  After I came all this fuckin way? Is this bitch crazy or something?”  So I just chilled in my room, watched “Cops” and waited it out.


The thing is, I really liked Becky’s personality.  She wasn’t like anybody I’d ever met before. Obviously I did or I wouldn’t have flown all the way out there just to take her out on a fuckin’ date. The thing about her was she was depressed a lot, yes, and her life to me was just fuckin’ crazy. Her life seemed to me like it’s probably exactly what my life would be like if I wasn’t rapping for a living. Seriously. She’d been a Juggalo for the last 10 years. She’s been to like 4 or 5 Gatherings. She said she was totally lost when she was younger and everybody called her Bulimic Becky (because she was so skinny then). But then she met some girl, who’s now her best friend. And that girl introduced her to her crew of Juggalo homies. From then on her life became much better in a lot of ways yes, but in other ways, like money, jobs, relationships, family, etc. her life still pretty much fuckin’ sucked.  I wish I could tell you about it all but I can’t. It’s her business. Just take my word on this because I would never flat out lie to you about this: She was raised very fuckin’ hard knocks. VERY. She has been through some very, very serious trauma in her life. When I met her she lived in a fourth floor, two bedroom, shitty ass, old apartment that actually leaned to the side. The entire building was fuckin’ crooked. You could set a baseball down in front of her front door and it would actually roll right off the fuckin’ deck. I’ve been there and I’ve seen this all myself. Walking up and down them steps everyday, 3 times a day to let the dog out had to fuckin’ suck. She lived with another ninja out of convenience. They had a huge blanket thing hung up for a wall to separate the apartment basically in half. They played video games and smoked weed together, but that’s it.  There is more to tell about them two but again, that is her business. As I said she suffered from depression and anxiety badly and couldn’t afford to see a doctor about it. She had no insurance for her much needed meds and you know the rest. I’m talking HARD LIVING Y’ALL. But she was a Juggalo and she was sometimes very funny, charismatic and fun if you could get her mind out of the dark. She told me she loved to paint, she wrote poetry, she never mentioned the rapping thing and to be completely honest, neither did I. I had completely forgotten all about it. But trying to get her out from under this dark cloud became sort of my obsession. I have often been told many, many times in my life that I have a big heart. Or that I think with my heart and not my brain. Now this has been both a blessing in my life and a curse.  But helping this girl became sort of a priority for me. She was so beautiful, why was she living in the dark?  Her only enjoyment was her Juggalo life and hanging with her Juggalo friends. She was an artist that never finished any projects. She had a whole fuckin’ novel that was half way written. HALF WAY!! Why couldn’t she just finish it? She said she met this ninja who wanted to be a photographer and she took some pictures for modeling with him because people often told her she looked pretty but nothing much was happening with that shit either. She wanted to take pics similar to the Suicide Girls. She was trying with that at least. The greatest joy in her life was the Gatherings. She would go to them with her friends and just totally let loose and have a ball there.


So, anyway, back to me sittin’ in this Lewiston/Auburn hotel, waiting on this Becky girl who I’d been talking religiously with for the past 5 weeks on the phone and texting.  I texted her again 2 hours later and to my surprise she said she was ready!  Boom! I jumped in my chauffeur driven town car and we went and picked her up and out we went. She was crazy hot in person but mad nervous. We went to lame ass Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner but we had a blast. We both ordered a drink after we ate to help kill the nerves but we were definitely hitting it off.  We had fuckin’ fun just talkin’. I remember she took the rest of our food home in a bag and I remember thinking “Man she must really be hungry if she’s gonna carry this bag of food around with her for the rest of the night”, and that’s exactly what she did. No lie. She had that bag with her at all times like it was full of money or something. I’m not kidding.  She couldn’t stand the thought of wasting that food and just throwing it away. I’ll never forget that.


We hit it off just like we did on Facebook. Then we went to the same bar that she goes to every weekend and I met a lot of her Juggalo friends and that was definitely cool.  Her homie was there, this guy about my age. We were sittin’ there talkin’ and chillin’ and he asked me if I ever heard Becky rap?  That reminded me right then and there about what Otis (Young Wicked) said! She can rap! So I jumped all over it. I was like “Please bust a rap for me, please! I gotta hear you rap, please!” We went out on to the bar’s patio and her homie lit up a blunt. And Becky busted her raps with ease. She busted 3 different long verses. I was straight up and down fuckin’ floored. No lie. I was flat out amazed. Not because she spit faster than Tech or had doper lyrics than Hopsin or anything like that. I’m not claiming any of that. What floored me were 3 specific things. Number One: She spit what I consider to be classic Detroit style Wicked Shit! Straight up and down Juggalo style, crazy, horror shit.  Every female rapper I’ve ever known or heard of does something else, besides Razakel. Major props to Raz; I think she’s awesome and she definitely does the Wicked Shit but she’s already well known. She has several dope ass videos out and has already been touring for a while and all that. But all other female rappers have different styles. Besides Razakel, no other female rapper I’ve ever met does straight up wicked shit. The second thing that fuckin’ floored me about Becky’s rapping was that she has a rasp in her voice that I instantly thought was awesome. It’s almost a gruffy kind of flow that I was instantly a fan of. It was easy to tell that she was heavily influenced by ICP, Twiztid and the rest, but is that a bad thing? I don’t think so at all. The third reason I was floored is that I realized right then and there that she doesn’t have anything out!  Nobody knows a thing about who this person is as far as a rapper!  Sure she’s a Juggalo, well known by other Juggalos, and she’s been to Gatherings actin’ crazy and having a blast with everybody else, but what I realized right then and there was all the possibilities!  As I mentioned at the ICP seminar, Psychopathic Records has been actively looking to sign a female MC since waaaay back in the day!  Long time Juggalos probably remember we even tried with a girl named Tali Demon many years ago, but she at the time had a bad drinking problem and we never actually even got a song recorded. We even tried to sign Whitney Peyton when she first came out but she turned us down. I’ve wanted to sign a female to Psychopathic for so long that I even talked to Razakel about it even though she’s already an underground star!  I have wanted to work with an undiscovered female rapper doing some form of the wicked shit FOREVER! FOOORRRREEVVEEERRR!


We stayed at the bar having a blast until it closed. I couldn’t stop talking about her rapping. Then we went back to my hotel. We laid there on the bed and talked about all the possibilities until the sun was fully up and shining. I asked her all of what she has done in the rap world. Her ex was a rapper so she would write raps from time to time with him and his homies just to prove that she could do it to and she even recorded a verse on one of there songs. That song is some where out there on the net. It will probably surface any second if it hasn’t already. She’s on the 3rd verse just straight up killin’ it!  She called herself “Tippy” when she rapped. In my opinion, she totally bested the other two guys on that song. Also her ex made a cheap ass video for one of his songs and she’s sitting there on the rocks in the background looking hot for him but she don’t rap in it or anything. But I knew this girl fuckin’ had it!  I knew it the second she rapped for me. And she wasn’t doing a fuckin’ thing with her life at the time but wallowing in depression. So I flat out began talking to her about signing with Psychopathic that very night. I said “Fuck this place. If your life here sucks so bad then come back to Detroit with me and let’s make an album!” I asked her if she thought she could perform live and all that. She was just (I think) overwhelmed by everything I was saying. But I explained how everything would work down to a T. It was the same talk I had with Boondox when I first met him. Everybody starts somewhere! I told her how we would put her up at a hotel near the office and pick her up every morning to record and drop her off with another beat for her to write to that night for the next song. I explained what everything would be like to the very best I could and she just kind of took it all in. I flew home the next day (with no sex for all you millions of ninjas wondering. No, I did not get laid that night, or even kissed or anything like that, unfortunately). I called a meeting with all of Psychopathic and I told everybody that I had finally found our unheard of, ultra talented female rapper and she also just so happens to be sexy as hell.  I explained everything about how I was talking to her and how I liked her and how she liked me and right away everybody was like “OHHH SHIT”. They all predicted way back then, exactly what is happening now would happen. They all said that everybody will say that she only got her deal because she’s fucking me, and they said people will say she don’t deserve it, and this, that and everything else. But we all knew that Juggalos are always wary of our new artists at first. And so I cut them a deal. I said I would make a two song demo with her, and we would come up with a look and a style of who she would be and if it’s not fresh enough, then we will pass on everything and send her back to Maine. But when we’re done with the demo if everybody — and I mean every one of us has to agree — if everybody agrees that she’s got what it takes, and she is dope enough to actually do this, then we will finish the EP and put it out on Psychopathic Records.


People out there in internet land assume a lot of really stupid shit. First off, for whatever reason people assume Joey and I walk around running the business side of shit here at Psychopathic. Let me give you my favorite example of the kind of shit I’m talking about. This girl recently told me how she was mad at me and Joey because one of her friends was taking Hatchet Gear merch and cutting and redesigning it and reselling it on line. She was all mad at ICP because 3 years ago her friend got a cease and desist letter from Psychopathic Records. Now the crazy part is that they actually thought Joey and I sent her that letter. That is so fuckin’ funny to me. As if we saw that shit for sale on line somewhere and we were like “Hey! Put a stop to that person selling that re designed shit!” I mean, come on, man! Do people really think we have anything to do with stuff like that? That is so crazy to me!  First off, we’ve said it a million fuckin’ times … we’re barely ever online! Secondly if we are online, why the fuck would we ever care about something like that? We have partners! PARTNERS! People who are paid to watch our backs business wise. People who we pay to make sure all of our business is being handled as best as possible. It’s not us sending out letters like that and besides, I seriously don’t believe anybody, especially OUR PEOPLE would ever give a shit about something cool like that!  So I don’t know who sent that girl that letter but it sure as fuck wasn’t us! Maybe it’s possible an old employee of ours with nothing better to do sent it, but I seriously even doubt that.


But if people out there actually think, my brother Rob, Billy, Dean or J-Webb or even Joey would ever in a million fuckin’ years allow me to sign somebody to our fuckin’ precious company, which is our life line, just because I’m dating her is fuckin’ ludicrous!!!  That is so fuckin’ crazy!  I usually try to hide it when something out there on line actually offends me, otherwise more people will see that it worked and then they will start doing it to offend me too!  People will do or say anything to get a reaction from you. I thought people saying that wouldn’t bother me because it’s so fuckin’ ridiculous, but the truth is it’s appalling and it’s incredibly offensive what they are saying about me and Blahzay Roze. We knew this was coming and even though we expected this, it’s still just incredible the way people think. “Blahzay Roze got her deal because she sucked Violent J’s dick”. That’s the best shit I ever read. I love that. Let’s think about that for a quick second… “If you’re hot, all you have to do is suck my dick to get signed. You could suck on the mic, but as long as you suck on this dick too, we’re all good.”  Yup, that’s how we operate around here. I’m so hard up for some head that I’ll sign any female MC that will suck my dick.  And all my business partners who are all raising their families off this company that we’ve all built together are all totally OK with that as well. We’ll give her a fat ass advance, and we will give her four months of our best work producing the best music we possibly can for her, all in return for a simple blow job. Plus we will shoot her a few expensive videos and plan out a career for her that if worked properly, could last forever. All she’s gotta do is blow me. HAHAHAHA! That’s fuckin’ priceless right there. It amazes me that after 27 years in this business, and after launching all these amazing artists, people out there actually think that’s all we’ve boiled down to.  People are saying that but I know they don’t actually believe that. The truth is, everybody knows that’s not true. They are only saying shit like that to be hurtful and because she’s a girl and that’s beyond fuckin’ stale. Plus they are player hating her to the fullest with that stupid bullshit.


After the meeting at Psychopathic everybody was excited to see what we could come up with and I called her and told her the good news. First things first, we wanted this whole thing to be top secret. Her whole Juggalo crew had to remain quiet and to their credit, they did! Becky thought about everything for about a day and decided to come to Detroit and give it a shot, and why the fuck not? Who wouldn’t do the same? She was stuck in a dark room smoking weed and playing video games and basically doing nothing with her life for the past year! When she arrived in Detroit the first thing we did was get her to my doctor and after a while they put her on the anti depressants she very much needed. That helped her tremendously. I could slowly see her becoming more and more sociable and happy. We went out a lot and had fun hanging out with Rudy and his crew down in Southwest Detroit. And yes, during this process Becky and I did indeed hook up and began dating. Yes it’s true. We dated for a while. I brought her along with me on the Riddlebox Tour to be the Cemetery Girl to help give her some stage and tour life experience. She also came to Canada where she played the Zombie Maid on stage for even more experience. She got a tattoo of my name above a butterfly that she had tatted on her hip. I asked her what if we don’t work out as a couple? She explained to me that she got the tattoo not because we’re in love but because I was the one who helped her come out of the dark. She told me I was the first person she ever met who truly believed in her and she will respect me for that alone forever. We also talked A LOT about what will happen if we stop dating and right from the rip she made it very clear that she is in this for the long haul no matter what happens with us and she is a Psychopathic Ryda to the fullest no matter what. And you know what? The sad news is that we didn’t last as a couple. We actually broke up right before the Canada trip but we stayed together until the release of her EP at the Gathering all the same. We’re great friends and we absolutely are going to continue to work together. In fact we start back up in the studio this week. We have a great idea for a future project called “The Prostitute” that we both think will be incredible.


The bottom line is simply this… say whatever you want to say about Blahzay Roze.  We stand behind her no matter what and we will as long as she’s with Psychopathic Records. People have called her music uncomfortable to listen to, and I find that kind of awesome. That’s real horror rap. That’s how I used to feel when listening to Esham way back in the day. It scared me to death! It’s that heavy. I can tell you that as her personal life picks up and becomes brighter, her music and writing most likely will pick up as well and probably won’t all be so grim and dark. Oh and I almost forgot… another thing people like to say about her raps is that I wrote them for her.  HA!  That’s another funny one! The fuckin’ truth is… I didn’t write shit! If her stuff sounds similar to ICP’s to you, that’s probably because she was so heavily influenced by our shit. I myself like to think that the Juggalos out there who REALLY know my writing can tell that I DID NOT write her lyrics AT ALL. She wrote every song and I think she did a fuckin’ fantastic job. I think “Raped at 15” is an incredibly visual song and “White Lights” is epic as well. Young Wicked and myself did help her come up with song subjects and titles. And we helped with some of the choruses as well but she definitely wrote every rhyme on that EP.


So yes, we did produce her debut EP (along with Young Wicked’s help) just like we have for the first release of almost all of our artists over all the years. We are very proud of what we’ve created. If people are still confused about who or what she is all about, I’m confident the music to come will finish painting the portrait.  We’re also encouraging her to finish her paintings and most of all her novel! It’s really, really good shit and it will be coming out on Psychopathic Books. There is much, much, much talent inside that girl and I’m telling you that right now. We are very proud to have her on the Psychopathic Records roster. If you’re just not a fan, well, hey, you cant make everybody happy all the time. It’s just impossible. But so far, so good. The EP is actually doing fuckin’ fantastic.


Also whoever the fuck that asshole was pretending to be Blahzay Roze on Twitter contacting all those rappers asking for collabos, was just some snake trying to hustle money through PayPal.  This again proves my point. As if any artist under our management would actually be so stupid to do something like that. Come on, man! Who actually believes this crap? I just don’t get it.  People are so quick to try and hurt her just because they are jealous. Just look at this message one of her friends received on Facebook! This guy is actually offering money for any hurtful information just to try and bring her down. It’s insane to me.




There are 100s of these weak, pathetic assholes out there who are so feeble in the real world that they hide in internet land and try to be hurtful. Just like this idiot who’s actually offering Becky’s friends money for any hurtful, embarrassing information! What the fuck? Why? How sad and pathetic can a person be to want to spend his own money on something so evil!? Yes, Becky got lucky and received a huge break in her life and is now flying high. It saddens me to know that people who don’t even know her at all just want to shoot her down. Kill her shine. They’re not happy for their fellow Juggalo. They want to see her crash and burn out of pure jealousy.  Why though? Because she was in the wet T-shirt contest at the Gathering? Who gives a shit! Since when does something like that make you a bad person in the eyes of a Juggalo? Male Juggalos tie their own dicks in a knot and receive mad props for it at the Gathering. Juggalettes walk around stark naked everywhere at the Gathering. Everybody is totally free to be themselves. Since when did we start judging people for shit like that? I thought the whole idea of being a Juggalo meant that everybody is accepted and nobody is rejected.  It’s just sad that people can be so hateful without even knowing her at all. That sucks, man.


There is something about her Juggalo crew that I think is very cool. They consider the word Juggalo to mean everybody — male and female — and I defiantly agree. I’m not against the term Juggalette by any means and neither is Blahzay, but I do consider the word Juggalo to mean everybody.


To learn more about Blahzay Roze check out her new website. It’s pretty dope. She has her video for “Broken” posted there and much more content still to come, including a fascinating interview and some of her poetry. Some pictures are on there also. Check it out if you want at


Thanks for reading y’all MMFCLY!

Violent J The Duke, Baby! 4EVA!


Last but never least, for all the ninjas out there supporting us, Blahzay Roze and all of our artists… The holy creator knows that we love you, we appreciate you, your support and your time and us saying “thank you” just ain’t a big enough way to express our gratitude. Just please know that we will always give our absolute best efforts possible to try to always continue to entertain you and bring you that fuckin’ Dark Carnival thunder! We very much, for real LOVE y’all.

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