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The new single from The Almighty Alla Xul Elu – AXE is available right now on all of your favorite digital music streaming platforms!

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Stream the blasphemy. Be the blasphemy.

W.O.R.M. has released the first single, “Hooizzy”, from his upcoming debut album The Soil

Pre-order and digital download available at Bandcamp!

Lo Key announced on Facebook the reissue of his Let’s Get Violent album, along with a limited edition maso to commemorate the reissue!

LETS GET VIOLENT!! Introducing the brand new Re-Issue of this underground classic, including the fan favorite “Chainsaw Symphony” and the rare bonus track “Fatality”!!

… And finally, to commemorate the albums return we present to you the ultra devastating, limited edition “LETS GET VIOLENT” Mask!! Each mask is individually autographed and numbered inside.

<3 Grab yours ASAP at!!! <3

Available now at!

Twiztid announced they are adding a few more pre-order bundles for their upcoming release Generation Nightmare.

Fleece blanket bundle

Slip-on skate shoes bundle

Sublimated t-shirt bundle

Hockey jersey bundle(limited to 24 produced)

There are still some left of a few of the original bundles, and we’re noticing a clear theme here with skate gear. That in mind, I’m curious to see how the album sounds, overall.

The numbers are in over at Billboard, and Insane Clown Posse’s newest album, Fearless Fred Fury, has officially debuted at #44 on their Top 200. These numbers reflect the sales for the album from Friday 2/15 to Thursday 2/21, and with all the help from Kegan and the new street team, social media shares, and the release coinciding with Juggalo Weekend in New Orleans, the album was able to debut at #44 with some real contenders to go up against.

If you have gotten the album yet, you can find it in many local record stores, or, as always, at Psychopathic Merch! If you HAVE picked it up, get out there and spread the word and let’s push this album even higher!

So if you haven’t been under a rock you know that Alla Xul Elu is on tour also with AMB, and MMMFD! Big line up! The tour dates are through March and hopefully they’ll extend it with more dates and closer venues to myself. I personally think A.X.E is dope! And would like to get to see them again outside of the gathering. However, they also are cranking out the songs/albums, and have a new release soon to drop. The pre-orders are available now, which hopefully we’ll get a review of the CD out also soon after Church of Xul comes out!


Insane Clown Posse’s newest album, and the fourth Joker Card of the second deck, Fearless Fred Fury was released today!

From ICP’s Facebook-


It’s been a Fearless Fred takeover on social media today! The power of Juggalos is something else!

All week long we want you ninjas to post your photos with your copy of Fearless Fred Fury on your page using #FFF and #ICP. You never know, we might just pull your name for something…

If you’ve not heard it yet, you’re missing out on what many are calling one of their best works in over a decade! Run out to your local record store, or pick it up online at your preferred digital outlet, and give this new album a listen! I personally think you won’t be disappointed!

Earlier today, Detroit News released an article with some words from Violent J about how the general public has a seemingly new outlook on the clowns.

Of interest in the article, a few bits of info that are new to many of us, including:

  • FFF is partially inspired by the animosity between the label and Young Wicked following the incidents of 2016
  • Flip the Rat will contain 12 tracks
  • The track “Low” will contain interpolations from the classic “Time of the Season” by The Zombies
  • The track “West Vernor Ave” takes inspiration from Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue”
  • ICP is planning to do more acoustic sets in the future, including at the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos

Read the full article by clicking Right Here!

Earlier today, a mysterious graphic popped up all over the social mediasphere urging juggalos to check out the Psychopathic YouTube at 6PM EST, and here are the details from our very own Shoeless:

After a long 5+ year hiatus, the weekly freakly weekly is back! With a vengeance! Dropping the knowledge on us the not only is Furious Fred Fury dropping on 2/15/19, but also that it’ll be 17 tracks. Let’s not forget about Flip the Rat, set to be 12 amazing tracks! Also on the docket is a contest for a chance to be featured on ICP’s media outlets. As well as a chance to get free swag if you’re lucky enough to find the golden filter at select shows. Also in full effect on social media and in the streets the Psychopathic Soldiers Street Team! Not to mention the release parties for #FFF… 1500 of them to be exact. Not to mention Juggalo day Weekend in a little bit more than a week! It’s gonna be epic y’all! MCL

Get on over and check it out for yourself!!

Today on MNE Store, pre-orders were made available, as expected, for Twiztid’s upcoming release Generation Nightmare, available April 26, 2019. However, in a surprise move, Alla Xul Elu also made available for pre-order a new full length album, within months of their MNE debut album, entitled Church of Xul, ALSO available on 04/26/19!

If you’ve been following along, you may have been aware a new album was in the works, as Billy Obey had posted a phone number for Xuligans to call in and leave a message for a chance to have their message on the album, but even we didn’t expect it so soon!

Pre-order bundles include a two-pack featuring both albums to be released that day; Generation Nightmare vinyl bundle; Generation Nightmare Hat bundle; Church of Xul Forever Face bundles(featuring your choice of two different color masks); Church of Xul custom jersey bundle; and more!

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