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Member of the Shrunken Head Entertainment(SHE) crew Dieabolik The Monster has released a new 9-track EP entitled Gasoline, now available for streaming on multiple platforms! Check the links below!



Apple Music

Amazon Music

Google Play Music

Over on Facebook, Lyte dropped some hot details about his upcoming full-length album, Broke But Still Shining, slated to be released December 19, 2019.

Here’s what he had to say:

((((((((12 /19/19))))))))
Is the Official 💿 release date
Pre orders coming soon
Rt This recorded is very very special to me I’ve Literally been working on this record for years
Sooooo much has went into this
Blood ,Sweat ,tears an soul
My all went into this Project
It’s is a grand slam
My 1st Full length album
This date is also my birthday
But this my gift to y’all
Release party it’s going to be one for the books
I will be dropping new music and videos along the way to this date
I’m going to push this record harder then anything I have ever done before
my goal is
I want to see the name
On billboard
And I believe 💯% it will
Not Official album artwork
Track list and 🖼 work is on the way
The Count down has begun

Of note, he stated that the graphic provided on the post is NOT the official album artwork, but to keep an eye out for that to be dropping, along with the official tracklist!

Razakel and the rest of the crew over at S.H.E. have dropped a mixtape, or rather a re-mixtape, featuring the whole label across 15 remixed tracks from mainstream artists such as Drake, Cardi B, The Weeknd, and more.

It is available for download at this time on SoundCloud, and features tracks from artists on the S.H.E. roster including Razakel & The Slice Girls, Dieabolik The Monster, Don Orias, Hard Jaws, Jenocia X, HB The Grizzly, and various guest features from Zitro, Shakelous, Claas, and CHXXMPA!

Check out the tracklist in the graphic below, and go give it a listen!

We got word from one of our friends that there was some new Insane Clown Posse music added to Spotify this weekend, and had to check for ourselves. Sure enough, the long lost Hell’s Pit era tracks previously released last Gathering only in the form of a physical 9-track EP entitled Hell’s Cellar had suddenly been added! After a little searching, we found it on a few other services, as well!

For those of you who are not in the loop, here’s a reminder from ICP’s Facebook post about it last year:


As we prepare to descend into HELL’S PIT for the first and only live performance of the dark side of The Sixth jokers card, we have been rocking asbestos suits and digging deep through the burning embers of the original studio sessions for this Darkest of Dark Carnival masterpieces.

We found a tiny door in the studio floor….and opened it! Behind it we found an impossibly small staircase downwards, which led to massive canyon of trapped decrepit souls…In the center of this canyon was a rapidly moving river of hate filled lava…so we followed it to it’s source! Deep beneath Hell’s Pit, we descended into and discovered HELL’S CELLAR!!!

A previously unimaginable destination of unspeakable evil. 9 NEW HELL’S PIT ERA TRACKS DROPPING AT GOTJ! JUST NOW FOUND AND UNEARTHED!!!! Untold darkness and torment has been captured, and returned to the light….in the form of these lost Violent J Hell’s Pit Recordings! A complete album. 9 songs of hell, direct from Hell’s Cellar. Tracklist: 1) Hell’s Pit Intro (Extended); 2) Clown Show; 3) Can’t End Myself; 4) Takin’ It Away; 5) I Can See It All; 6) Big Bad Wolf; 7) Alakazam; 😎 Spontaneous Combust; 9) The Truth. Available the day of the Hell’s Pit Show–THURSDAY at The Gathering Of The Juggalos!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! #Whoopstock

Since we’re such nice guys here at JNN, we’ll make it easier and link you straight to the three services we’ve found it on so far!


Apple Music

Amazon Music

After too long of a stretch with no new releases, the Flint town Monstar, and Psychopathic Records’ own, Lyte has finally dropped some freshness in the form of a new music video for a previously unreleased track “Wake Em Up”.

As some of you may have already caught wind of, rumor has it that this is the first track from an upcoming album.

In any case, peep the video below!

DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia/Da Mafia 6ix/KillJoy Club notoriety has released a new 12-track EP entitled Power, Pleasure & Painful Things.

The EP, which boasts features from the likes of Beanie Sigel, Seed of 6ix, YelaWolf, and more, comes just in time for him to promote while on the road with the Insane Clown Posse for their Fury Fest Tour, currently in it’s first week.

Power, Pleasure & Painful Things is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

Also available on three6mafiamerch is DJ Paul’s VIP package for the Fury Fest Tour, which includes a tour shirt, a laminate, and a meet and greet session with DJ Paul, himself.

Over on Facebook, Lo Key gave everyone the scoop on his new project coming out next week! Here’s all the info you need, right from the man, himself!

Been getting a lot of questions regarding the NIGHTCRAWLERS project, so let me jump on here and try to answer what I can!

Q: Is this a Lo Key album?
A : Yes, I am on every song. It is a collaboration project. Each track features 1 or 2 other artists.

Q: How many tracks will there be?
A: Around 20.

Q: Why was the album delayed originally?
A: Honestly, its just a massive project that took way longer to organize then I had anticipated. There are alot of moving parts when you are dealing with almost 40 different artists! But we made it work, and the extra time allowed me to really dial in the project so I’m glad it was delayed.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: It will be FREE to stream through my website, spotify, youtube etc. Paid downloads will also be available through iTunes and my website.

Q: Will there be hard copies or merch?
A: At this time there are no plans for hard copies, or merch, just a digital release.

Q: What style is the album?
A: It is an underground rap album that varies between themes and sounds. There is some horror stuff on there, some straight hip hop, some deeper stuff. But it definitely has a “sound”.

Q: How were artists selected? What is the goal of this album?
A: I created this album as a showcase for up and coming artists. Most of these people you have never heard of. I gave them a HUGE platform to show their skills, what they did with that opportunity was up to them, and you the listener will decide who killed it and who didn’t. At the end of the day, my goal was to introduce each one of you to a new artist you love, and I feel we will easily accomplish that.

Q: Will there be any videos?
A: There are no plans for video’s at this time, but it’s not out of the question!

Q: You stole this name from Chris Webby!
A: The track NIGHTCRAWLERS was recorded in late 2016, and released in February 2017, before his, which you can easily look up on YouTube. Stop reaching..It’s just a coincidence

Q: I heard like half of artists wound up leaving the project? Whats up with that?
A: Exactly one artist left the project. Again, stop reaching lol

Q: Favorite track?!
A: Really digging this one “Sad2Me” right now

Q: Will there be a sequel?
A: If you guys like the style of this project I’ll keep putting them together for sure.

Hope this clears up any confusion or questions you guys have! If I missed something feel free to drop me a line in the comments. 1 WEEK!!!!

The new single from The Almighty Alla Xul Elu – AXE is available right now on all of your favorite digital music streaming platforms!

Amazon Music

Apple Music

Google Play


Stream the blasphemy. Be the blasphemy.

W.O.R.M. has released the first single, “Hooizzy”, from his upcoming debut album The Soil

Pre-order and digital download available at Bandcamp!

Lo Key announced on Facebook the reissue of his Let’s Get Violent album, along with a limited edition maso to commemorate the reissue!

LETS GET VIOLENT!! Introducing the brand new Re-Issue of this underground classic, including the fan favorite “Chainsaw Symphony” and the rare bonus track “Fatality”!!

… And finally, to commemorate the albums return we present to you the ultra devastating, limited edition “LETS GET VIOLENT” Mask!! Each mask is individually autographed and numbered inside.

<3 Grab yours ASAP at!!! <3

Available now at!

Twiztid announced they are adding a few more pre-order bundles for their upcoming release Generation Nightmare.

Fleece blanket bundle

Slip-on skate shoes bundle

Sublimated t-shirt bundle

Hockey jersey bundle(limited to 24 produced)

There are still some left of a few of the original bundles, and we’re noticing a clear theme here with skate gear. That in mind, I’m curious to see how the album sounds, overall.

The numbers are in over at Billboard, and Insane Clown Posse’s newest album, Fearless Fred Fury, has officially debuted at #44 on their Top 200. These numbers reflect the sales for the album from Friday 2/15 to Thursday 2/21, and with all the help from Kegan and the new street team, social media shares, and the release coinciding with Juggalo Weekend in New Orleans, the album was able to debut at #44 with some real contenders to go up against.

If you have gotten the album yet, you can find it in many local record stores, or, as always, at Psychopathic Merch! If you HAVE picked it up, get out there and spread the word and let’s push this album even higher!

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